Crazy in Love with Hope

“Thomas is crazy,” has been the caption flooding many timelines of the Bold and the Beautiful fans. Some fans even have taken to calling him names like the “Norman Bates” of daytime and saying horror film characters such as; Michael Myers and Jason would be proud of him. There is no denying that Thomas’s undying love for Hope has caused him to make some rather rash and shady decisions. Thomas seems to think a little determination and persistence will pay off; while both Brooke and Liam seem to be concerned about the method’s Thomas is employing to win Hope’s affections. Is Thomas crazy or simply crazy in love with Hope?

Thomas’s infatuation with Hope seem to have begin shortly after Caroline’s death when he overheard his motherless son Douglas, asking Hope to be his mommy. After watching Hope and Douglas bond over their loss of Caroline and Beth for weeks, Thomas decided to confess to Hope that he has never stopped loving her, and revealed that he has still been holding on to the ring he proposed to her with eight years ago in Cabo. Thomas saying that he has always loved Hope is debatable, and could simply be words he utter in an effort to win over her affection, although, the fact that he still has the engagement ring he gave her in Cabo may give credence to his declaration of love for her. Nonetheless, Hope was shocked at Thomas’s love confession, and had no encouragement to offer him at the time, as she was still married to Liam, who she loves dearly. Thomas was not discouraged by Hope’s rejection, instead he was confident that she would one day change her mind, and realize that he is the better man for her than the waffling Liam. Fans of the Lope relationship agree with Brooke and Liam stance that Hope is grieving and this is not an appropriate time for Thomas to make his move. Could his lack in judgement in making a move on a grieving woman be a sign of some mental instability?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Thomas has used some questionable tactics to win over the affection’s of the ever grieving Hope Logan, but they say, “all is fair in love and war!” Hope fans have been most noticeably furious with Thomas for tactics such as; drawing a picture and claiming Douglas drew it, forging a letter claiming it was from Caroline, and of recently withholding the secret that Beth is still alive. While the Hope fan base calls these tactics manipulation, others call it strategy. Can it truly be said that Thomas is manipulating Hope if he has told Hope that he want to marry her and he’s willing to do anything to make that happen? Isn’t that being upfront about his intentions? Wouldn’t that make his tactics more strategic rather than manipulative?

Whether you feel Thomas tactics are manipulative or strategic, there is no debate that he has been perfectly honest about his intentions with Hope. For that reason alone, many may be wrongly labeling this young man crazy when he is really just willing to do anything to have the woman he loves; because he’s crazy in love with her. Drop a comment and tell us your opinion on this topic!

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