Meant to Be or Out of Steam?

“There is a force more powerful than steam and electricity: the will.” ― Fernán Caballero

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Is it time for longtime Steam fans to give up hope, that their super couple will prevail in the end? It seems the once strong and fierce Steam fan base has become divided. Many are ready for Steffy to move on to a man who doesn’t have a divided heart; while others haven’t given up hope that Liam and Steffy are meant to be. Will Steam continue to lose it’s fan base, or will the writers win them back?

For many years the Steam fans have watched Liam waffle back and forth between Steffy and Hope. The only time they were ever really able to enjoy their favorite couple, was when Hope was living in Milan. Could that be a sign that the couple isn’t strong enough to survive with Hope around? Could it be that the trials and tribulations they encounter with Hope around will make them stronger? Is Liam’s divided heart the real cause of their relationships ability to weather the storms Hope showers upon them? Or could it simply be that the writers have decided Lope is end game?

Steam has successfully weathered a few storms; in part because their relationship developed out of their friendship and mutual respect for each other. One such hurdle they triumphed was Liam’s short lived marriage to Ivy, just as Steffy walked away and washed her hands of having a relationship with Ivy’s husband, Ivy took a gamble on Liam’s love for her and decided to come clean about her citizenship status. Sadly, she lost big time, when Liam immediately ran to Steffy confessing his love for her and of course Steffy forgave him and they began to plan their happily ever after….. again. Another bump in the road came when Steffy married Wyatt, thinking that Liam had left her for good. Liam fought tooth and nail to win Steffy back from Wyatt; they eventually married in Australia. There was one hurricane that totally destroyed their relationship and many thought they would never recover from it; Steffy’s affair with Liam’s father, Bill Spencer. Like Hope Logan most of us were surprised when Liam found forgiveness and went back to Steffy. Looking back in time at moments where their love was tested but overcame the trials and tribulations, lead some to believe the couple’s love is strong enough to overcome any challenges that come their way.

The one storm the couple has never seemed to be able to weather is Hope Logan! She is a force to be reckoned with, she fights feverishly for Liam when he’s with Steffy, but when she has him she always sends him packing back to Steffy. Hope seems to be an unnecessary obstacle to Steam’s relationship. Many would debate that statement, simply because Hope fell in love with Liam first. While it’s true Hope fell in love with Liam first, she also lost her trust in Liam a long time ago. Hope’s lack of trust in Liam causes her to run for the hill’s whenever they hit a bump in the road. Hope’s lack of being able to commit fully to Liam may be causing Liam to think twice about being with her, despite his love for her. Where Hope is weak and unsure, Steffy is strong and has always fought for their love, that is a quality Liam has long admired about Steffy. If Hope truly loves Liam, should she step back and let him be with a woman who will love him and make him happy, or should she continue bringing pain and misery to the man she loves? Do the writers really consider the antagonizing love-story called Lope true love? Or could the writers be plotting Hope as the couple’s ultimate challenge to overcome, before retiring Steam to a wonderland of utopia?

It seems most of the Bold and the Beautiful fans (even the Steam fans) feel Lope is destined to be end game, with Steffy living a life in turmoil without the man she swore to always love. Some feel it’s cruel that the writers won’t let Steffy move on from Liam and find love elsewhere. Many fans lack the faith to think that maybe they keep Steffy attached to the triangle because Steam is end game. It’s easier for the writers to pair Hope with another man than it is for them to pair Steffy with someone else, mainly because Steffy is basically related to all the men on the show. I know what you’re thinking,”they could have kept Leo.” Yes, they could have kept Leo, but we all know that would have ended one of two ways; Liam would have gotten jealous and ran back to Steffy, or eventually he would have fell for Hope. Perhaps Lope is end game, and the writers enjoy trolling Steam fans, because they’re such a vocal group and they keep the social media accounts buzzing. With the writers of this soap,one can never guess what road they will take these couples. My suggestion is just to sit back, relax and continue to cheer for the couple you love the best, keep the faith! Where there’s a will there’s a way, and Steam always seem to find their way back to each other.

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