Y&R Spoilers 7/1 – 7/5

After getting a whiff of Kevin’s cologne, she realizes he was her kidnapper and calls him out on it.

Monday 7/1

After suffering anxiety over Hilary’s death, Devon is finally able to get some closure.

After convincing Nick she’d be ok alone with Adam, Chelsea goes to the penthouse and asks Adam to please just let her go, then gives him an ultimatum.

Tuesday 7/2

Kyle is determined to make a good impression on Lola’s mom, Celeste.

Adam has an unexpected visitor at the penthouse.

Abby worries Victor’s health may have taken a turn for the worse, when he calls her to meet with him. She asks Nikki if her dad has received bad news about his health.

Wednesday 7/3

Victors surprises his family.

Victoria is out for revenge and Dark Horse is her target!

Thursday 7/4

Phyllis presents a challenge to Jack

Cane and Traci share a kiss as they celebrate the completion of her novel.

Friday 7/5

Billy has deja vu.

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