Will KOLA’s Love Survive Celeste?

Last week on the Y&R, Lola’s mother Celeste made her debut on the soap at Lola’s bridal shower. Lola seemed happy to see her mom, but from the snide remarks Celeste made about Lola’s lingerie gifts, it’s easy to surmise that she comes from a very strict background. Spoilers indicate Kyle successfully made a good impression on Celeste, but she isn’t aware that Lola and Kyle are living together. Could Celeste rigid background cause a rift in Kyle and Lola’s relationship?

Given the fact that Celeste seems to have been raised by a strict religious mother, she may be furious to learn Lola is shacked up with Kyle and has lost her virginity before marriage. The reveal of Lola and Kyle’s living and sexual relationship status, may cause Celeste to resent Kyle. Celeste may withdraw her approval of them getting married and if Lola refuses to call the marriage off, Celeste may take desperate measures to break them up! Just how far would Celeste be willing to go to pull her daughter away from the heathen Abbott?

Celeste may possible employ the help of Summer Newman to help break up Kyle and Lola! Since it’s pretty obvious that Summer isn’t over Kyle, she may over the moon to help mama Celeste. Would the tactics Celeste and Summer use be enough to rip the happily engaged couple apart? Can Kyle and Lola’s love survive the shenanigans of a disgruntled mother and a jilted ex? Tune in to the Young and the Restless weekly on CBS to find out!

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