B&B Monday July 1 Recap

After having his drink laced by Thomas, Liam became hyper and started revealing some of his deepest inner feelings to Hope and Steffy. Hope was upset and devastated by Liam’s declaration that he just wanted to be happy, and not gloomy all the time. Hope exclaimed that she was trying to live again, but that it was hard after losing a child she carried for nine months. Incensed at his insensitivity to her feelings she told Liam she thought he was still grieving too and sarcastically told him that she was happy he was able to let loose and be happy. Hope agreed it was best to leave after Thomas suggested it, she apologized to Steffy for the outburst, grabbed Douglas and hurried to the car. Before leaving, Thomas encouraged Steffy to get closer to Liam. Steffy told Thomas she didn’t need any love advice from him and sent him out to his car with an upset Hope. After Thomas left, Steffy went to the guestroom to check on Liam, she advised him to lay down and get some rest; Liam grabbed Steffy hand and said he would lay down only if she laid down with him, and pulled her on the bed with him. Liam opened his heart up to Steffy and revealed how beautiful he thought she was, not only on the surface, but also in her soul. Liam told Steffy she gets him, and he didn’t have to justify himself to her, he could just be Liam and she accepted him as he was. Liam told Steffy it felt good to have fun. Liam leaned in and kissed Steffy, but pulled away asking, “what’s wrong with me?” Steffy tells him nothing is wrong with him, he leans in and kisses her again, she kisses him back.

At the beach house, Wyatt and Flo spend a quiet evening at home, reminiscing on the days when they were younger and would fantasize about living together. Wyatt tells Flo they don’t have to fantasize anymore, their fantasy have become their real life. After sharing a kiss, Wyatt tells Flo not everyone is lucky enough to get a second chance at real love, with their first love. Wyatt and Flo end the evening making love.

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