Y&R Monday, July 1 Recap

Chelsea stops Adam and Nick from fighting. Adam wants to talk with Chelsea alone, but Nick is against leaving him alone with Chelsea. Chelsea convinces Nick she’ll be fine, she and Adam kiss and leave to go to the penthouse. When they arrive at the penthouse, Adam wants to catch up on things, he suggests they starts with Connor. Adam listens happily as Chelsea tells him all about Connor. Adam volunteers to make reservations for them to fly there to meet with him, Chelsea stop’s him telling him that’s not why she came; she came to ask him to let her go. Adam is heartbroken, when Chelsea suggests Adam allow her and her husband Calvin to continue to raise Connor. Adam is in disbelief that Chelsea would ask him to let his son grow up with a lie and deny him the right to grow up with his real father, like his mother and Victor did him. Adam declares he is Connors father and will do everything in his power to raise his son.

Elena picked up Hilary’s old GC Buzz DVD and asks Ana why Hilary’s things are packed up. Devon walks in as Ana is explaining, he takes the DVD and began telling Ana and Elena about how Hilary successfully pulled off the episode when none of her guest showed up for the taping of the show. As Devon walk around the room to collect Hilary’s belongings, he continue to share his memories of Hilary that was connected to each item. Devon is able to find closure after sharing his memories of Hilary and is now ready to move on with Elena.

When Phyllis calls Kevin to help her with a problem on her computer server she catches a whiff of his colognes and immediately recognizes it as the cologne worn by her kidnapper. She grabs him by the shirt and said, “it was you, you s.o.b.” Kevin denies it was him and added that his cologne is sold in Fenmore’s and more than half of the men in Genoa City wears it, he suggests she checks Adam; he goes on to say he has to raise Bella and would not jeopardize that by getting into trouble. As Kevin lives, Phyllis tells him that it isn’t over.

As Kevin is leaving, Nick walks in and sits at Phyllis table. Phyllis and Nick argue about Chelsea. Phyllis can’t seem to understand why Nick defends Chelsea, who kept Christians paternity a secret and then used it to bargain for her freedom after stealing from Lauren.

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