A night of Cha Cha Cha

When Steffy planned a beach party so that her girls could get to know their cousin Douglas, she had no clue that she and Liam would end the night cha cha cha-ing between the sheets. What started out as an innocent day of festivities, turned wickedly devious when Thomas laced Liam’s drink with an unknown substance. Although, Liam’s drink was laced it only seemed to make Liam loosen up and express his true inner feelings. The events that occurred after Liam drank from the laced glass left one woman in tears and the other smiling from ear to ear. Was Liam and Steffy’s night of hot steamy sex something he’s been wanting to do all along, and the substance gave him the bravado to go for it? What will happen with Liam and Steffy’s relationship, or lack there of after their night of cha cha cha-ing between the sheets?

Steffy’s heart was in the right place when she planned a family beach party so that Kelly, Douglas and Phoebe could get to bond and grow closer as cousins, little did she know her brother had some tricks up his sleeves. The wickedly, devious Thomas laced Liam’s drink hoping it would make him let down his guard and loosen up a bit, and indeed the substance worked like a charm! Under the influence of the substance Liam became the life of the party, dancing and flirting with Steffy, and saying insensitive things to Hope. Hope eventually left the party after being insulted by Liam, when he threw a shot at her always being dull and sad, and saying that he want to live and be happy. Hope yelled at Liam telling him she was still grieving! Although, Liam was a little disturbed that she had become so upset that she was leaving, the party was just getting started for him. Steffy advised Liam to go get some rest while she talked to Thomas. When Steffy went to check on Liam he was still awake and not very shy about opening up his heart about how he felt about her. After telling Steffy how beautiful she was and how he could be himself with her he went in for a kiss. The night ended with them making love. Did the substance make Liam realize some inner truths he’d been in denial about concerning Steffy and Hope?

The morning after Liam and Steffy had sex, he had a headache but seemed to remember that they had sex and said he did not regret it. Later, Liam felt compelled to tell Hope that he and Steffy made love. Would Liam have revealed that bit of information to Hope if he didn’t have plans to grow closer to Steffy? Is it Liam’s plan to warn Hope, before expressing to Steffy what his plans for the future is for him and their family? Would Steffy be open to giving their love a second chance, or did she just need to release some sexual tension? From the look of things, it definitely seems Steffy might be hoping for a chance to reunite her family with Liam. Steffy seemed to be elated that she and Liam made love, and said that after their night together she felt like her old self again. Will Liam and Steffy be on the same page in regards to where their relationship will go from here, or will one of them be left with a broken heart? At this point it is hard to predict if their night of cha cha cha-ing will lead to a Steam reunion, or just something that will be left as water under the bridge. Tune in to Bold and the Beautiful weekdays on CBS to find out.

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