Second Chance or Grand Finale

From the moment Flo saw Wyatt again for the very first time at the Bikini Beach Bar, she confessed that she still loved him. At the time Wyatt was in a relationship with Sally and although he probably felt the same way, he was not able to utter I love you back to Flo. Unfortunately, Sally was kept in the dark about Flo’s feelings for Wyatt, and all it took was for her to make one mistake to send Wyatt straight into a lip lock with Flo. What mistake did Sally, a woman Wyatt openly admitted to loving and possibly wanted to have children with make, that took their relationship on a collision course? Sally promised to keep Thomas plan to break up Liam and Hope a secret, thereby breaking Wyatt’s trust in her. Wyatt told Sally that trust is one of the most important things to him in a relationship, so Sally voluntarily moved out to give him space and time to sort out his feelings. Wyatt, who has expressed multiple times how much he admires Flo’s honesty and was confident that she would never keep anything from him, wasted no time at all putting the moves on her, although, his relationship with Sally was not officially over. Wyatt’s faith in the goodness and honesty of his first love is sadly misplaced, and perhaps the curtains will finally close on honest Flo’s good girl act.

Wyatt and Flo fell in love when they were in high school, and while it may seem like a dream come true to be reunited with one’s first love, the reality is people change over the course of time. Little does Wyatt know that his honest high school sweetheart, isn’t so honest anymore. In fact, she participated in a felonious crime! Flo came to L.A. to help the man she loved at the time, Reese with a situation. While Flo claims she didn’t know what she was getting into, she definitely knew at some point that what she was doing was wrong. Flo’s beloved Dr. Reese Buckingham had stolen a baby under the duress of trying to save Zoe, his daughter, life from the thugs he owed money to. Flo willingly, pretended to be the mother of a child she knew wasn’t hers, having the full knowledge that Taylor was interested in helping her daughter adopt a child. While she worried about how Reese got certified paperwork identifying her as the mother, but still willingly, signed on the adoption papers dotted line and excepted a free apartment and fifty thousand dollars in cash from Reese for her part in the crime. Flo’s biggest problem with the crime she participated in was learning that Hope Logan (who she later found out was her cousin), was the mother of the child Reese had stole. How will Wyatt feel when he learns his honest high school sweetheart helped steal his brothers child? Will he regret letting Sally get away? Will he realize that not all second chances are good chances, and some chances just aren’t worth the risk you take? The biggest question of all is, will Wyatt forgive Flo or will the reveal of Flo’s dirty deeds be the grand finale of their relationship? Tune in to the Bold and the Beautiful weekdays on CBS to find out!

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