She Used to be My Girl

Chelsea is back in Genoa City, and already has her choice of the two most handsome and eligible bachelors in town, both happen to be her ex-lovers, the Newman brothers! Chelsea started a relationship with Nick thinking the love of her life Adam, had died in an explosion; now Adam is back and he’s more in love with her than ever before. If Adam has his way his family with Chelsea and Connor will soon be reunited, there’s only one thing that may stand in his way: his brother Nick. Nick may have thought he was over Chelsea, but the hurt and love he has for Chelsea was written in his eyes the first time he saw her, after her return to Genoa City. Will Chelsea be able to choose between the two brothers, or will she toss her feelings to the side and beg them to put their family ties ahead of their love for her?

Long time viewers of the Young and the Restless are very familiar with the great “Chadam” love story. Ironically, the very criminal minded Adam, helped Chelsea the con artist change her criminal ways when they first fell for each other. Chelsea and Adam soon became a love story that no one ever expected to end. The first time Adam was presumed dead, a heartbroken Chelsea had her heart mended by Billy Abbott, the man who ironically tried to murder Adam for killing his daughter, unbeknownst to Chelsea. When Adam returned with a new face, and going by the name Gabriel Bingham, Chelsea felt a familiar attraction to him. Although, engaged to Billy at the time, Gabriel and Chelsea made love, after being hurt by Sage (Gabriel’s wife) and Billy. Before Chelsea and Billy’s wedding, Billy overhears Chelsea telling Gabriel(Adam) that she loves Billy and their one night stand was nothing more than sex. Billy being the vengeful person that he is, waits until their wedding to humiliate and leave Chelsea jilted at the altar. Chelsea and Gabriel (posing as Jack Abbott’s son) start a relationship, his identity is revealed when she overhears him talking to Victor Newman’s portrait. Chelsea was happy that Adam was alive but hurt and angry that he had kept his identity a secret. Chelsea, Adam and Connor picked up their life where they left off as a happy family, until Chloe attempted to kill Adam; Unfortunately, for Chloe the very resourceful and resilient Adam has made his way back from the grave for a second time. Will Adam be able to win Chelsea’s heart back this time or will his brother Nick, the man who comforted and loved Chelsea when Adam was presumed dead win Chelsea’s heart back?

“Though lovers be lost, love shall not; And death shall have no dominion.” _ Dylan Thomas

Chelsea and Nick stood by helplessly as they watched a cabin with Adam trapped inside, blow up to smithereens. Chelsea was devastated to lose the love of her life once again and Nick was there to help her pick up the pieces. Nick had lost his wife Sage after a tragic car accident, so he understood better than anyone how it felt to lose someone you love, in addition like Chelsea, Nick had also been left a single parent as a result of the death of their spouse. Nick and Chelsea soon built a loving family together with their sons. Although, Nick and Chelsea were a happy and very much in love, Chelsea was keeping a secret from Nick; Adam, not Nick was the father of Sage’s son Christian. Feeling threatened by Victor, Chelsea started ripping off Fenmore’s in efforts to raise money to run away with Connor. Chelsea was caught red handed and Christians paternity was revealed, leaving Nick devastated and heartbroken. Chelsea escaped with Connor, but after learning Adam had been resurrected she came to Genoa City to ask him to set her free, and allow her to raise Connor with her husband Calvin. Adam, who had his heart set on reuniting with his family, was hurt, but determined to win Chelsea back. Whatever plans Adam has in mind to reunite his family might blow up in his face, because it seems all Nick’s old feelings for Chelsea resurfaced when he laid eyes on Chelsea. While Adam and Chelsea’s reunion seems to have consisted of Chelsea begging Adam to set her free, her reunion with Nick was more sweet and loving, they even spent time with Christian at the carnival. A part of Chelsea will always love Adam, but Adam can’t seem to escape reaping karma from his past mistakes, while Nick is more stable and reliable. It appears while Adam may be Chelsea’s true love, Nick is a man she loves who can offer a stable and secure lifestyle for her son, which is her primary focus. Chelsea is certainly a lucky woman to have these two hunks in love with her, but she can only chose one of them. Will it be the devious and charming Adam or the safe and handsome Nick, or will Chelsea walk away from them both? Find out by watching Young and the Restless, weekdays on CBS.

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