Will Celeste Capture Jack’s Heart?

“Falling in love is not rational. It’s madness. A beautiful, wonderful moment of magnificent insanity.”  ― Michael Faudet, Bitter Sweet Love

Celeste is a beautiful, no nonsense type of woman, and it appears she doesn’t waste anytime time going after what she wants. The way she played Lola to get Kyle to move out so that she can move in, makes it clear that she will also do whatever it takes to get what she want! Jack seems to be exactly what Celeste wants! Celeste appears to be a very shrewd woman, which means she has probably done her research on Jack before coming to town, and knows that he’s ripe for the picking! The handsome, charming and very rich Jack Abbott has remained single since his divorce from Phyllis, with the exception of his non-committed affair with Gloria. It’s definitely about time for Jack to explore his options, and with the KOLA wedding right around the corner, Celeste could be his plus one. Celeste is a very charming woman, but she also seems a bit devious and controlling behind the smile, would she be a perfect match for the devious and debonair Jack Abbott, or would the two of them as a power couple mean hell for half of Genoa City?

Celeste made the first move when she complimented Jack’s baby blue eyes, now the ball is in Jack’s court. Is Jack ready to make a move on another woman after Phyllis cheated on him and left his heart shattered in a million pieces? Phyllis had been Jack’s friend and lover for many years, if he couldn’t trust her with his heart, will he feel safe entrusting his heart to anyone ever again? Celeste seems to be just the right woman to convince Jack to let his guard down, and take a chance on love again. Celeste is sexy enough to catch his eye and smart enough to stimulate him intellectually. Jack may find himself falling for Celeste sooner than he’s emotionally ready to, hopefully Celeste doesn’t turn out to be a heartbreaking, gold digger looking to cash in on the Abbott fortune. Jack deserves to be loved by someone he can trust, if Celeste heart is in the right place she could be the one. The potential for a great love affair is possible between Celeste and Jack, the two could be a dynamic duo, like Nikki and Victor! Tune in to Young and the Restless weekdays on CBS, to see where whether Jack and Celeste turn out to be a match made in heaven.

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