Douglas: The Second Coming of Aly?

Douglas is a young child of about five years old, he has just suffered the loss of his mother and he hasn’t been allowed to grieve. Grieving the loss of a loved one is a natural and necessary process needed in order to heal. When a child doesn’t grieve they are put at a high risk for becoming depressed, turning to substance abuse, suffering from severe anxiety along with a host of other emotional problems. The primary concern for Thomas and those surrounding Douglas as his support system, should be getting this young child into grief counseling., and making sure that he is allowed to express what he’s feeling deep down inside. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be one adult around to provide Douglas with the support he need during this very difficult time in his life.

From the moment Thomas and Douglas arrived in L.A., after Caroline’s death, it seems Douglas was thrown into Hope’s orbit. Initially he and Hope would talk about Caroline’s death, but it soon turned into a situation where Douglas was made to fill he has to replace his mommy with Hope. This is a child we’re talking about! He shouldn’t be made to feel another woman can fill his mother’s shoes this soon. He does need love and support, and yes, he probably need a maternal type of love, but that’s something his aunt Steffy, great aunt Pam, or grandma Brooke could provide to the child.

Instead of the adults focusing on a child who has lost his mother, they are focused on Hope, and whether or not Thomas is using the child to win Hope. If they would channel that same energy into actually showing Douglas some love and support, perhaps Thomas’s plan wouldn’t be working, Hope would be able to tell Thomas, “Douglas already has a lot of love and support.” It’s insane that more focus would be put onto an adult rather than a grieving child. If Douglas isn’t shown the support he needs to help him go through grieving process properly he will more than likely end up like his second cousin Aly, which is what may have happened to Thomas as well. When Taylor was presumed dead, Brooke made herself Ridge’s focus, instead of allowing Ridge to place focus his love and support on his kids to help them grieve. Ridge simply moved on to Brooke and let her play the role of “new mommy” and Thomas seems to be making the same grave mistake. Hope will be ok, she will get Beth back; Douglas may not be ok, who will do what’s right by this little boy? Tune in to The Bold and the Beautiful, weekdays on CBS to find out!

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