Rest In Peace Calvin, Or Not!

After Chelsea made her exit from Genoa City, she and Connor started a new life and she apparently found a man she deemed worthy enough to help her raise Connor and to be her husband, Calvin Boudreaux. Calvin made a life-ending decision when decided to popup in Genoa City to pay Adam an unexpected visit. Adam, who had recently pleaded with Chelsea to reunite with him but was rejected, may have plotted to remove his obstacle, Calvin. Adam is known to be a cold and calculating manipulator, but is he a killer? How far would Adam be willing to go to have a chance to reunite with Chelsea and Connor?

Calvin Boudreaux stomped into Genoa City life a big, bad wolf and his first stop was Chelsea’s ex-husband Adam Newman. Perhaps Calvin didn’t know that his wife, Chelsea had come to Genoa City specifically to tell Adam to set her free and allow her and her husband to raise Connor. When Calvin appeared fearlessly at Adam’s door, declaring he was Chelsea’s husband and he wanted to have a talk with him, Adam seemed deviously delighted to engage him in a man to man talk. After talking to Adam, Calvin seemed to have changed his disposition on wanting to raise Connor, and demanded Chelsea to let Adam have custody of Connor so that they could have a child of their own. Chelsea was outraged that Calvin would suggest such a thing, but Calvin declared he had every right, since he had adopted Connor. After an argument with Chelsea, Calvin ended up dead! Spoilers indicates that Chelsea will be considered a suspect in her husband’s murder. Did Chelsea murder her husband to prevent him from giving Adam custody of Connor? Did Calvin die due to a health condition? The answer may be more complicated than, simply finding out who killed Calvin or if he died due to a health condition.

What could Adam have said to Calvin to send him running to find Chelsea and demand she give Adam custody of Connor? Did he threaten his life if he didn’t make sure Chelsea gave him custody of Connor? Assuming Chelsea, or Adam killed Calvin would be to easy, also assuming he just died of an illness after talking to Adam and doing a complete 360 on his stance with raising Connor seems unbelievable as well. Adam could have dug up some dirt on Calvin and having came into a nice fortune thanks to his sister Victoria, he could have offed Calvin a nice piece of change to leave and never come back again, and then helped him fake his death! That could be a possibility, after all, Adam could have used information from Kevin to learn how Chloe faked her own death. Will Paul’s investigation ever get to the truth of what happened to Calvin or will this just be another unsolved case? Tune in to The Young and the Restless, week days on CBS to find out!

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