Is Nick Setting Himself Up for Heartbreak?

Nick can’t seem to stay away from Chelsea since she came back to Genoa City. Less than a year ago Nick was walking down the aisle to marry Sharon, and just a few months ago he was shacked up with Phyllis. It seems those women were just temporary fillers because Nick’s heart still seems to belong to Chelsea. Nick seems to have thrown all caution to the wind when it comes to Chelsea, he has steadfastly been supporting her and defending her to anyone who has a negative word to say about her. Should Nick be more protective of his heart when it comes to Chelsea?

Nick has been warned by Phyllis, Victoria and Summer not to get involved with Chelsea. Both Phyllis and Victoria pointed out to Nick that Adam is the love of Chelsea’s life, nonetheless , Nick seems to feel confident that Chelsea is done with Adam. Nick’s own daughter, Summer has expressed her concerns to him about allowing Chelsea back into his life. When Nick told Summer he would be accompanying Chelsea to tell Connor that his step-father Calvin had died, Summer advised him that Adam was his dad and therefore should be accompanying Chelsea. Chelsea herself was worried about how Adam would react if he learned Nick went with her to handle such a sensitive issue with his son, Nick still insisted he wanted to be there for her. There seems to be nothing at all, that anyone can tell Nick to make him be more cautious about wearing his heart on his sleeves where Chelsea is concerned. Should Nick be more concerned about the warnings he’s receiving regarding Chelsea and Adam?

Nick is well aware that Adam want his life with Connor and Chelsea back, he also knows how far his brother is willing to go to get what he want! Nick and Adam are already engaged in a custody battle for Christian, Adams youngest son. Adam went so far as to take Nick’s Dark Horse business to force Nick to hand over Christian, now Nick is adding fuel to the fire by growing closer to Chelsea, and there’s no telling how far Adam would go to win Chelsea’s heart. Chelsea and Adam have been one of Y&R’s top super couples, also known as “CHADAM”. They have a long history of being torn apart only to be drawn back into each other’s orbit, it seems to be a supernatural force that their love for each other, have over them. Nick was able to maintain a successful relationship with Chelsea, when Adam was presumed dead, there is no doubt that he would have never had that chance, had Adam not been presumed dead! Nick is obviously letting his heart rule over his brains, and may end up with a broken heart, if Chelsea decides to go back to Adam and help him fight Nick for custody of Christian. Nick has never been lucky in love, and he may be fighting another losing battle. Is Nick setting himself up for another heartbreak? Tune in to The Young and the Restless, weekdays on CBS to find out!

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