One Night Only

Could a one night between Steffy and Liam change everything for Liam and Hope? It’s no secret that Liam Spencer can’t seem to stop loving Steffy or Hope, and it’s often been the reason he can’t seem to stay in a stable relationship with either woman. Will there soon come a time when Liam will once again find himself deciding which woman he will raise a family with? Many suspect Liam and Hope will reunite once it’s revealed that Phoebe is actually Beth, the daughter Liam and Hope thought died at birth. Hope has always wanted to have a family with Liam but she believes that’s no longer a possibility because her child died; once she finds out Beth is alive there is no doubt she will want to reunite with Liam. What could stand in the way of Liam and Hope reuniting or having a short lived reunion?

Thomas had been chasing Hope since he got back into town, even though Hope annulled her marriage to Liam, she remained resistant to Thomas efforts. That is until recently! Steffy threw a family party the day before the 4th of July; unbeknownst to Steffy, Liam and Hope, Thomas had laced Liam’s drink with a substance that caused Liam to let go of his inhibitions. The party ended with Hope storming out of the party upset and Liam and Steffy making love. Liam informing Hope that he and Steffy made love, seemed to be the push Hope needed to make her accept Thomas’s marriage proposal (by way of Douglas). Liam having told Hope a few days earlier that he would support her being with anyone other than Thomas, because he felt Thomas was using his son to manipulate Hope into being with, was very disappointed to learn Hope accepted his engagement ring. Despite asking Hope to take off her ring and free herself from Thomas, Hope seemed to be convinced that Liam had started a relationship with Steffy and so she set her mom on being Douglas mom, through marriage to his father, Thomas. How could these events affect the future for Liam, Steffy, Thomas and Hope?

The one night of sex between Steffy and Liam, could have life long consequences for Liam, Steffy, Hope and Thomas. There is a great possibility that Liam and Hope could reunite after finding out Beth is alive, but what if Steffy confesses to Liam that their one of sex, resulted in them conceiving a child? Will Liam want to be with Steffy and help her raise their two children, especially after learning first hand how hard it is to take care of two babies? What if Hope married Thomas thinking Liam and Steffy are together and she get’s pregnant for Thomas? Things could get very complicated between these for characters. One night can change a persons life forever, and with Liam helplessly in love with two women it’s always easy for him to see himself having a life with either one of them, the only problem is neither Hope or Steffy can seem to see themselves living a life without him. One of these women will end up with a broken heart and a broken home, there’s no escaping that reality. Will the reveal of Beth’s identity be enough to happily reunite Liam and Hope? Tune in to The Bold and the Beautiful, weekdays on CBS to find out!

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