Y&R Recap 7/15/19

Photo Credit: cbs.com

Lola overheard Celeste talking on the phone and was curious if her mom had a man. Celeste remained secretive about her mystery man. Later, Rey pays Lola a visit and reveals that Celeste has been seeing their dad, and that their dad would like to walk her down the aisle. Lola is livid that her dad think he can walk her down the aisle after he walked out of their lives. Rey informs Lola that their dad didn’t just walk out of their lives, he tells her that their mom caught him cheating and kicked him out. Lola is shocked to find out her mom has been lying to them for years but doesn’t care because her dad ruined their lives and she feels he’s trying to do it again. When Celeste comes home, Lola blasts her about being with their dad after he left them behind and ruined their chance of having a happy family. Celeste tried to defend their dad, but Lola refused to give him a pass on his absence in their life. Lola lays down the law and tells Celeste if her dad shows up at her wedding, she and Kyle will elope.

Rey came to inform Nick and Chelsea that Calvin died of natural causes and informed them that Adam tried to sell Chelsea out, by giving Paul a recording of her expressing how angry she was that Calvin was going to help Adam get custody of Connor. Rey informed them the recording was worthless because the cause was closed. As Rey leaves, Nick follows him out and warns Rey not to let Adam get into his head, the way he has gotten into Sharon’s. He asks Rey to continue digging up information on Adam. Later, Nick tells Chelsea after he fills Sharon in on everything Adam has done, maybe Sharon will put some space between her and Adam. Chelsea says Sharon may be able to put some space between her and Adam, but he won’t allow her to do that because he wants Connor. Nick tells Chelsea that Adam wants her, Chelsea finds that hard to believe given he tried to frame her for murder; Nick says he gets reckless when he can’t have what he wants. Chelsea said she has seen the goodness in Adam and thought he would have change after being given a second chance at life, Nick says the goodness lasted long enough for him to make a checklist of the things he wanted and he has her and Connor at the top of that list. Nick asks Chelsea if she will stick around now that the case has been closed; Chelsea tells Nick Baton Rouge is home for Connor now and she doesn’t want to upset his life anymore than it already is but thanks Nick for being there for her.

Adam bumps into Sharon and Faith at the Coffee House and fills her in on Chelsea being back in town. He tells her that it appears Nick and Chelsea are back together, and he hasn’t been allowed to see his son. After Adam pretends to make his exit, he overhears Sharon telling Faith she doesn’t want to be late meeting up with her dad and Christian, he follows them as they leave. Faith is disappointed when they arrive at Chancellor Park and she doesn’t see Nick and Christian. Sharon tells her they were a little early. Faith questions her mom about rushing her out of the Coffee House and lying to Adam about where they were going. Sharon tries to convince Faith that everything is fine, Faith tells her she would believe that, if her whole mood hadn’t changed when she saw Adam.

Later when Nick meets with Sharon and Faith in the park, Sharon tells Nick she heard some things about him. Nick tells her to ask him about what she heard and he can try to sort out whats true and whats not. Sharon tells him that she heard Chelsea was back in town and living with him. Nick tells Sharon that Chelsea is living with him but only because she had a rough time after her husband died, a shocked Sharon tells Nick that Adam didn’t mention anything about her husband dying. Nick told Sharon he probably didn’t tell her that he tried to frame Chelsea up for the murder either. Nick asks Sharon when will she ever see Adam for who he is, Sharon says when he finally see’s Chelsea for who she is. Nick tells Sharon you can’t compare Chelsea to Adam, he says Chelsea is trying and has moved on with her life, he warned Sharon to stay clear of Adam before she loses Rey. Faith walks up and tells Sharon and Nick everyone can hear what their saying, upset she asks when will they ever be a normal family. Nick and Sharon are shocked to look up and see Adam standing there staring at Christian. When Adam tries to take Christian to get a popsicle Nick makes it clear that he is dad and Adam is his uncle, then he left to take Christian and Faith to the Coffee House for smoothies. Rey bumps into Faith at the Coffee House and is hurt to learn Sharon was with Adam.

Sharon blasts Adam for following them to see Christian, Adam says Christian has to get used to being with him, because they will be living together when he gets custody of him. Sharon tries to explain to Adam that Nick is the only father Christian knows and taking him would hurt Christian. Sharon says Christian may resent him for taking him from Nick, she says unless you lie to him the way you lied to Paul about Chelsea. She asks Adam what kind of father would he be, and tells him she finally see’s him for the cold-hearted bastard that he really is; Adam says I guess there’s nothing left to say and then walks away. Later Rey meets Sharon in the park where Sharon tells Rey she doesn’t want to lose him over Adam, and asks if it’s to late. Rey reassures Sharon that isn’t to late for them and tells Sharon that Adam may have gotten inside her head but he never thought for one second that he was in her heart, they kissed and went home.

Chelsea shows up to see Adam and tells him she’s not afraid of him. She tells him she knows he recorded a conversation between them and gave a copy to Paul to frame her for Calvin’s murder. Adam says he was upset she wouldn’t let him see his son, but let Nick go with her to tell Connor about Calvin’s death. Chelsea said Nick only went to support her, and tells him the Adam she used to love would have never set her up. Adam tells Chelsea he change after he lost her, he tells her he can’t make it without her. Adam tells Chelsea she see’s the good in him, Chelsea says she can’t be the good in him, he has to find the good man inside of him and be him. Adam tried to blame Nick for being the reason he was behaving inappropriately, Chelsea chastise him and told him she can’t help him, he has let his demon control him and he can’t blame Nick for that. Adam said things could have been so different for them, Chelsea said yes they could’ve been. Adam tells Chelsea next time call don’t come.

Nick fills Michael in on Adams suspicious and devious behavior, he feels the information might help them win their custody case.

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