Bold and the Beautiful Recap 7/15/19

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Hope reassures Douglas that there is no ghost in his room, she tells him everything will be ok because she’s wearing the ring he gave her. Thomas tells Douglas, “now that me and Hope are going to be together even sooner, we can protect you together, because mommy’s are really good at that.” After Douglas is reassured by Hope and Thomas that the ghost isn’t coming back, he asks Hope to tell him the story about the chipmunk again. As Hope tells Douglas the story, Thomas is sexually aroused by Hope’s thighs and mouth as she lays on the bed next to Douglas. Once Douglas falls asleep, Thomas tells Hope he’s happy she was there to comfort Douglas. Thomas tells Hope, “you’re ready for this, it’s clearer now more than ever, you’re ready to be his mom and ready to be my wife.” Thomas tells Hope he was surprised to hear her tell Douglas they are pushing the wedding up, he asks Hope to spend the night with him. Hope tells Thomas she isn’t ready and she isn’t sure when she’ll be ready. Thomas tells Hope she’s worth the wait.

Brooke and Ridge disagree about Hope and Thomas getting married. Brooke tells Ridge it’s to soon for Hope to be making a commitment to Thomas, she says Hope isn’t over Liam. Ridge argues that Hope wouldn’t have accepted Thomas’s proposal if she wasn’t ready; Brooke said, “Hope accepted Douglas’s proposal, and this is about her compassion for Douglas, she doesn’t love Thomas.” Ridge was unconcerned with Brooke’s response, he told her that they will love each other by the time they get married, Brooke snapped back, ” you don’t get engaged to someone you don’t love!” Brooke feels it’s strange to get engaged if you’re not in it for the right reasons, Ridge argued, “they are in it for the right reasons, family and stability.” Brooke tells Ridge she prays that Hope and Thomas have a very long engagement because she doesn’t feel Thomas can offer Hope a commitment and stability. Brooke and Ridge continued to disagree about their children after they are in bed. Brooke told Ridge that Hope still loves Liam and she always will, she says Liam is Hope’s soulmate. Brooke told Ridge, her daughters well being is at stake, Ridge snapped back so is his children and grandchildren’s. Ridge said Liam tried and it didn’t work out. Brooke says she wants Hope to do what’s best for her not everyone else, Ridge says she did the right thing she annulled her marriage. Ridge doesn’t want to argue or interfere in their kids life like his mother did, he tells Brooke Hope will fall in love with Thomas.

After Steffy and Liam put the girls to bed, Steffy tells Liam she enjoys sharing the experience with him; Liam says it’s where he’s supposed be. Steffy tells Liam it’s ok if he’s still thinking about Hope, Liam says he’s just worried that Thomas is being to pushy and that he’s manipulating her left and right. Steffy admits Thomas has been pushy in the past, but she said he’s totally devoted to Hope. Steffy tells Liam she gets that he still cares about Hope, but Hope want him to be there with Kelly and Phoebe and move on. Steffy tells Liam, Hope is moving on with Thomas and she knows that isn’t easy for him. Liam says he just want Hope to be happy, Steffy says then let Thomas make her happy. Liam argues it just feels like Thomas is forcing her. Steffy says, she feels like Thomas see’s a bigger picture, he see’s how happy his life could be with Hope, especially for his son. Liam says he’s not convinced that Thomas is doing all this for Douglas, Steffy said Douglas is Thomas first priority and he’d do anything to keep him happy and safe. Steffy tells Liam that Hope is building a life with her brother, she tells him she knows he wish it was anyone but Thomas, but they’re getting married. Liam says they’re engaged, she said she was going to take the engagement slow. Steffy says Hope is no push over she wouldn’t have accepted the ring if she didn’t want to, she asked him to just accept it and be happy for Thomas and Hope. Liam tells Steffy he will take the night shift and the wake up shift with the girls, he said he’s trying to make up for lost time and figures he’ll catch up with Steffy in about 300 mornings. Steffy tells him again how wonderful it is having him there. Liam says they’re “a unit, a team, the fab four.” Steffy says, “every child deserves this, a family and that’s what Hope and Thomas are trying to give to Douglas.”

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