Bold and the Beautiful Recap 7/16/19

Thomas replaces all Douglas’s photos of Caroline in his room, with photos of Hope.

Hope chastised Thomas for making jokes about Douglas’s nightmare, she says he just wanted his mommy to hold him; Thomas said and you did, you chased away the nightmares. Hope tells Thomas that Caroline will always be Douglas’s mom.

Thomas tells Hope he’s thinking about asking their parents if they can have the wedding at their house, and having balloons and clowns for the kids; Hope is pleased with his idea about including the kids. When Thomas asks Hope who her matron of honor will be, Hope tells him she’ll know later after she breaks the news to Liam about how soon their wedding is going to be.

Eric and Quinn break the news to Ridge and Brooke that Xander left town.

Thomas meets with Brooke, Ridge, Eric and Quinn to tell them Hope wants to move the wedding date up to tomorrow. Brooke seems disturbed by his announcement. Brooke asks Thomas why they’re moving the wedding up, Thomas tells her Hope wants to be there for Douglas because he’s been having nightmares. Brooke doesn’t feel nightmares is a reason to move the wedding up, she’s even more stunned when Thomas asks can they have the wedding at her house tomorrow.

Douglas tells everyone he can’t wait for Hope to be his new mommy. Thomas asks Douglas to be his best man, Douglas accepts. Quinn thinks its nice the way Thomas is including the kids in his wedding.

Hope shows up at Steffy’s to tell Liam and Steffy that she and Thomas are getting married tomorrow. Liam asks Hope why she’s rushing to get married tomorrow, Hope tells him because Douglas has a hole in his heart where a mother should be and how she had to comfort him after he had a nightmare. Liam still doesn’t understand why she’s rushing. Liam thinks it was Thomas’s idea, Hope says it was hers and there was nothing fake about Douglas’s fear last night. Hope asks Steffy to be her matron of honor; she says she would still like them to raise their families together, Steffy accepts. Liam tells Hope, “marrying Thomas any sooner won’t change anything that matters about your relationship with Douglas, it’s not going to make you more loving, more protective or more available. But it will lock the door behind you in an adult relationship that you’re not ready for, don’t do this, please don’t marry Thomas.”

Later, Hope is holding Phoebe and tells Liam, “this is why I have to take this path with Thomas. When I hold Phoebe, deep down inside, I still feel like I’m meant to be a mother, and I need to end the pull I feel to another woman’s child. It’s probably because she was born around the same time as Beth and she’s a Logan, but it’s not right what I feel for Steffy’s daughter, especially when there is a young boy who does need me and I can be a mom to him. It’s been made very clear to me, especially after last night, and I know you don’t trust Thomas and you want me to wait, but Liam I know what I need to do. Liam tells Hope he’s not trying to make things harder for her, he just doesn’t know how he’s suppose to accept her marrying Thomas tomorrow, he said the engagement was one thing but marrying him tomorrow is a whole other level. Hope said she already explained why and she wishes he would respect her reasons. Liam says he respects her reasons, he says her reasons are honorable, but he doesn’t think she would be rushing into marriage if it wasn’t for what happened on the night of the party and he’s sorry for hurting her. Hope told Liam he already apologized. Liam asked if he should pack his bags and move out. Hope said the girls and Steffy are your life now and I know how much you love Steffy, he said that doesn’t stop me from being protective of you and loving you. Hope says she’ll always love him even when she’s marrying Thomas tomorrow, she tells Liam that he’s her true love, but thinking of the family they should have had with Beth is to painful and that’s why she needs to marry Thomas to fill that emptiness. She said she wishes they could have raised Beth but they have to stop living in the past, and she has to let go.

Ridge tells Brooke he wants Hope and Thomas to have a day that they’ll never forget and I think making it about the kids is a perfect start, he asks Brooke what she thinks. Brooke says, “I’m sorry Ridge, I wish I could be happy for Hope and Thomas but I can’t help but believe he’s manipulating Hope into doing something she’s not ready to do and he’s using her maternal instincts for Douglas to do get what he wants. Ridge I’m sorry, I really hate saying this; I really think he has an agenda and I think he’s had one since he came back to Los Angeles. He wants Hope and he will stop at nothing to get her and now tomorrow she’s going to become his wife.

Thomas fantasizes that Hope will beg him to make love to her before their wedding night.

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