Y&R Recap 7/16/19

Billy has a nightmare about Delia.

Cane and Jill catch up on whats been happening in his life while she was gone. Cane tells Jill that Traci used him as the inspiration for her new novel. Jill says if Traci has a part in how happy Cane is more power to her.

Billy isn’t happy when Jill tells him that Cane and Traci will be going to New York together. Billy demands to know what Cane is up to with his sister. Cane swears he’s not up to anything, he won’t take advantage of their friendship and that they are just enjoying being friends. Jill tells Cane don’t be worried about Billy, Traci is grown and doesn’t need her little brother picking her friends for her.

Nick and Rey meet in the park to discuss the new dirt Rey has on Adam. Nick can’t understand why a decent man like Chance would be hanging out with Adam; Rey tells Nick from the information he has gathered, Chance is on a different path now. Rey tells Nick that Chance is involved in money laundering and shady money dealings; Nick said, “that’s crazy he’s a Chancellor and a law and order kind of guy.” Nick feels Adams association with a criminal enterprise can prove to the courts that he’s an unfit father.” Nick and Rey are both hopeful that Sharon and Chelsea can now see Adam for what he really is after he tried to throw Chelsea under the bus for Calvin’s murder.

Victor and Nikki have a date at the Coffee House, Nikki tells Victor she would like to have a family party for the grown ups.

Traci compliments Jack on all his accomplishments, she tells him that she’s proud of him and can’t wait to see whats next.

Chelsea calls her mom to check on Connor, but Anita only seems to be concerned about Calvin’s will. Victor sneaks up behind Chelsea while she’s on the phone and surprises her. Victor tells Chelsea she had to know she would have to face him again one day; Chelsea tells Victor she won’t apologize for keeping Connor safe. Victor and Chelsea discuss Adam, they both agreed he isn’t listening to either of them. Chelsea is surprised when Victor agrees it’s best to keep Connor away from Adam. Victor tells Chelsea he would like to see Connor and show him that he has family that cares about him and loves him. Chelsea makes Victor promise not to tell Connor anything about Adam, unless she’s there; Victor promises and Chelsea hands over the address where Victor can find him. Nick walks in and Victor changes the subject and invites Nick and Chelsea to Nikki’s party. Before Victor leaves he reminds Chelsea and Nick of how important his grandchildren are to him. Chelsea tells Nick she doesn’t think she should be apart of his life while he’s having a custody battle, she said it will only add fuel to the fire and make Adam come after him. Chelsea asks Nick what he wants her to do about going to Nikki’s party, Nick says he want her there, she asks if he’s comfortable with the statement that would make, he says yes.

Jack and Jill meet up at Chancellor Park, they discuss how difficult it was for Jack having to put Dina in a memory care facility to care for her. Jill told Jack that she’s comforted by seeing Mrs. Chancellor in her dreams, Jack shares he keeps having a dream of Dina, where they have heart to heart talks they can never have in real life, he says she keeps pushing him to do something and she asks him what does he want. Jill tells Jack that he can’t move forward until he grieves what he’s leaving behind. Nikki shows up as Jill is leaving, she tells Jack she’s happy that he’s been civil to Victor. Jack said he can’t wait until Victor is better and back to work because it more fun bested him than Victoria.

Cane goes to pick Traci up, he tells Traci if she’s having second thoughts about hanging out with him on the trip, just tell him and he’ll back off. Cane tells Traci about his meeting with Billy earlier. Traci says Billy has no say over her life whatsoever. Cane and Traci head to the airport to fly out to New York.

Jack and Billy meet up at the coffee house, he tells Billy he’s been having a feeling of dissatisfaction. He tells Billy that Traci thinks he need an epic new challenge, Jill thinks he should take it easy and Nikki thinks he need to keep moving on and focus on gratitude. Billy says sound like he needs to travel and proceeds to book him a flight to Paris to go see Ashley.

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