Mr & Mrs Forrester…or Not?

Thomas and Hope are all set to get married tomorrow at Brooke’s home. Unfortunately, no one really seems to be happy for the couple to be except; Steffy, Ridge, Eric, Quinn and Douglas. Brooke and Liam have both been very vocal about their opposition to this quickie marriage. With the two people Hope loves the most so opposed to her marrying Thomas, do you think they will tie the knot and become Mr.and Mrs. Thomas Forrester?

Both Brooke and Liam share the opinion that Thomas has been manipulating Hope into marrying him, by playing on her maternal instincts. Although, Thomas sincerely seems to want a mother for his motherless son, Brooke and Liam seem to think Douglas is just a means to an end…Hope. Thomas did confess that he has never really stopped loving Hope, but that seems odd because over the years he has never mentioned her. Could it be that he sincerely want a mother for Douglas, after all he knows how it feels to be a motherless little boy, he was one several times before, when Taylor was presumed dead.

Steffy and Ridge are both happy for Thomas and Douglas, they feel Hope will be a wonderful and loving stepmom to Douglas. Steffy and Ridge have tried to make Brooke and Liam understand that Hope has made the decision to annul her marriage and marry Thomas, and this is something they need to respect and accept. Ridge may have a motive behind his support of Thomas and Hope…he wants to see all his grandchildren in loving families with two parents. Steffy on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be interested in starting a relationship with Liam, so she may be totally sincere in supporting the Thope union. In the spoiler video, Steffy can be heard telling Hope not to marry her brother if she doesn’t really mean it. Can that last bit of advice from Hope’s matron of honor, cause Hope to have a change of heart at the last minute?

Thomas and Hope’s biggest supporter is Douglas. Douglas really misses his mom and would like for Hope to fill that void. Thomas asked Douglas to be his best man, and that may make it hard for Hope to change her if she has Douglas standing there next to Thomas as they prepare to take their vows. Is Hope’s desire to love and mother Douglas strong enough to make her say, “I do”?

Whether Thomas and Hope tie the knot or not, the writers certainly have us all in suspense, as we bite our nails waiting to see the outcome of the wedding. Will Brooke and Liam be able to forever hold their peace, and watch as Hope possibly makes the biggest mistake of her life? Will Thomas and Hope become Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Forrester? Tune in to The Bold and the Beautiful, weekdays on CBS to find out!

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