Bold and the Beautiful Recap 7/1/2019

Thomas helps Douglas get ready for the wedding.

Liam tells Steffy she looks beautiful after he zips her dress.

Pam prepared a beautiful spread for the wedding.

Thomas tells Ridge he’s afraid Brooke may break up him and Hope, the way she broke up him and Taylor.

Pam jokes with Carter about performing so many weddings. Carter tells Pam he’s surprised about this wedding between Hope and Thomas.

Brooke tries to convince Hope to call off the wedding, meanwhile Liam reminds Thomas that he’ll always be where Hope can find him.

Steffy tells Hope if she can’t truly commit to Thomas and Douglas, she should call the wedding off. Hope tells Steffy that she realizes she can’t have the family she thought she would have with Beth and Liam, but its time to move on to a family that she can have. Steffy wants to know how Thomas fits into it. Hope said they’ll be co-parents and love and protect Douglas. Steffy and Hope hug, happy they’ll be sisters. Steffy welcomes Hope into the family. Steffy asks Hope if she’s ready to marry her brother, Hope asks Steffy to tell Brooke she wants to see her.

Thomas is nervous because it’s taking so long for Hope to get ready, matters seem worse when Steffy tells Brooke that Hope would like to see her. Liam taunts Thomas and tells him things may not turn out the way he planned.

Brooke begs Hope not to marry Thomas, she says she has a bad feeling about it and it may turn out to be the worse mistake of her life.

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