Y&R Recap 7/18/2019

Jack met up with Ashley in Paris, they have a little friendly sibling rivalry conversation about who’s outselling who. Ashley wants to get down to the bottom of why Jacks really in Paris, she finds it hard to believe it’s a spare of the moment vacation. Jack confesses to Ashley that he’s having trouble finding satisfaction despite all his success. Ashley tells Jack maybe he feels something is missing. Ashley shared with Jack that she felt similar after having to put Dina in a facility and losing Neil, she said she had to stop and learn to relax and appreciate life.

Devon tells Nate he’s thinking about asking Elena move in.

Theo apologizes to Kyle for what happened the other night at the Abbott’s mansion, he tells Kyle he doesn’t want to cause any problems between him and Lola. Kyle tells Theo it seems as if his goal was to cause a problem. Theo promises Kyle he’ll never bring up his past and the things they did in New York; Lola overhears and later questions Kyle about it but he denies anything happened. Lola later tells Rey she wonders about this bad boy reputation Kyle had, she said it makes her realize he had this whole other life she doesn’t know anything about; Rey encourages her to look into it and don’t ignore it like he did with Mia. When Lola asks Abby about Kyle’s past, she tells Lola focus on who he is today because he’s a great guy. When Abby leaves, Lola calls Theo and asks him if he can talk for a few minutes.

Abby makes a business proposal to Phyllis. Abby would like to expand Society and since Dark Horse is opening a hotel, she thought it might be a good idea to open one there. Phyllis says she’ll think about it.

Nate invites Abby to go house hunting with him. Nate is interested in buying Cane and Lily’s old home, but wonders if Cane would sell it to him, Abby tells him to asks and find out. Nate texts Cane about buying the house just as Cane is talking to Traci about making a go of things; Cane considers Nate’s text as a sign that the stars are aligning and tells Nate yes.

Cane tells Traci that he enjoys being in New York with her and he would like to make it their new reality. Cane tells Traci he’d like to start his new life with her. Traci wants to remain friends

Phyllis tells Summer her relationship with Theo has to stop. Phyllis is concerned about Summer blowing off work for Theo, and Theo getting her drunk.

Devon asks Elena to move in. Elena agrees.

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