How Far Would Chelsea Go For Nick?

Christian has been in the center of controversy since the day he was conceived. When his mother Sage, found out she was pregnant she didn’t know whether Adam or Nick was the father. A paternity test revealed Nick was the father, however, after being born prematurely, Nick and Sage were told their son died. Sage later learned Christian was alive and that Sharon was raising him as Sully. Although, Sage died before telling Nick, he eventually found out his son was alive. Nick has loved and nurtured Christian since the moment he found his son was alive. Nick however, had been unaware that Adam changed the paternity test, and that Adam was Christians real father. Nick eventually found out Adam was the father, but with Adam presumed dead, he vowed to always love Christian as his own. Now Adam is back from the dead, and Nick is fighting to hold on to his beloved son.

When Adam learned Sage was pregnant, he was in the midst reuniting with Chelsea and Connor. Adam apparently, considered Sage’s unborn child as a complication to the new life he was starting with Chelsea and Connor, so he switched the paternity test so that Nick and Sage could raise the child as their own. Adam is back and declaring he has a right to raise the child, that Nick has loved and taken care of for years. Nick hired Michael as his attorney, however, in an effort to protect his brother Kevin, Michael has agreed not to represent Nick in the custody battle. Without Michael representing him it appears that Nick may be fighting a losing battle!

Maybe if Nick had a bargaining tool, he could convince Adam to let him keep Christian, but Dark Horse is all Nick had and Adam has already taken that. There is one thing however, or shall I say person, that Adam wants, but Nick has, Chelsea! Adam has been dying to reunite with Chelsea and Connor since he got his memory back, but she has refused to be with him. Chelsea seems, to be more enamored with Nick, most likely, because she feels he could set a better example for Connor than Adam can. Not only does Chelsea see Nick as a man that could provide a great example for her son, she also loves Nick and Christian, but it’s painfully clear that she still loves Adam as well. The question is, do Chelsea love Nick enough to walk away from him? If Chelsea reunites with Adam, and brings Connor home, there is a great chance that he would drop the custody battle for Christian. Would Nick and Chelsea be willing to part ways, so that he can keep custody of Christian? Tune in to the Young and the Restless, weekdays on CBS to find out.

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