Bold and the Beautiful Recap 7/25/19

_Liam is overlooking Phoebe’s adoption agreement. He recalls Flo telling Thomas that Hope would have never married him if she knew the truth.

_ Steffy walks in and says: “your daughter is a brat sometimes!” Liam says: “excuse me, Kelly is perfect!” Steffy goes on to tell him she was talking about Phoebe and how she puked on her. Liam laughs.

_Steffy notices Liam has Phoebe’s adoption papers and wonder what he’s doing with it,he says he wanted to know more about Flo and how she came to give birth in L.A. Liam asks Steffy, what Flo relationship to Thomas is.

_ Thomas greets the new Mrs. Forrester with a kiss and asks her how Douglas night was. Hope tries to make an excuse to leave and clean up Douglas’s breakfast, Thomas reminds her that Brooke is down there and grabs her into an embrace.

_ Steffy says Flo and Thomas don’t have a relationship. Liam says it seems Thomas rubs her the wrong way. Steffy says Thomas rub a lot of people the wrong way. Liam asks Steffy if she can tell him anything she knows about Flo.

_ As Flo is thinking about Thomas threat, she is interrupted by Ridge knocking on the office door, which she had locked. Ridge reminds Flo that Hope got married yesterday and wouldn’t be in today, Ridge wants to know if Flo has the same reservations about Hope’s marriage as the other women. Flo says Hope told her she knew Thomas most of her life and maybe that’s why she see’s a different side of him than they do.

_ Thomas informs Hope that he booked them a honeymoon suite for a staycation so that they can have some privacy.

_ Ridge tells Flo he thinks the biggest problem is he doesn’t think she knows his son very well. Flo says maybe it’s just bad chemistry. Ridge tells Flo just because he looks down on you, doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. Flo says you’re funny, no says no he just doesn’t have a filter, and asks Flo to find a spot where she can think there’s a possibility that she could be wrong about his son. He tells Flo that Thomas would do anything or his son, and he gets that from him.

_ Hope wants to know if Douglas is coming to the staycation, Thomas says that would defeat the purpose. Hope wants to know if he asked Brooke or Ridge if they would babysit, she asked isn’t that something he should have discussed with his wife first. Thomas asked if he needed permission to surprise his wife. Hope said she’ll see, she has to go to work. Thomas tells her she can go to work for half a day and then she’s all his.

_ Steffy tells Liam that Taylor knew someone in L.A. that Flo knows and that helped her with the adoption.

_Thomas called Flo to make sure she understood his threat yesterday.He told Flo that her name is all over Phoebe’s bogus adoption papers, Flo says her name is Beth. Thomas asked her if it made her feel better saying Beth is Phoebe, Phoebe is Beth. He says no one is going to know Beth is alive, then notices Douglas at the door and tells Flo he has to go.

_ Thomas chastised Douglas asking him what did he tell him about knocking. Douglas tells Thomas that Hope told him to brush his teeth after eating.

_ Liam asked Steffy if she asked any questions about the go between person. Steffy assured him that Carter made sure everything was legal and all the documentation is there. Liam says Taylor’s colleagues name that helped is missing, Steffy said Taylor vouched for them and she paid the fee. Liam asked how much was the fee, Steffy asked was he suspicious. Liam says he loved Phoebe and just wanted to know all there is to know about how she came to be. Steffy told him just make sure he’s careful with the birth certificate it’s the only one she has. Liam asked if it was the original one she said know, it’s locked away for Flo’s privacy.

_ Flo tells Hope that Wyatt showed her pictures of her and Liam’s wedding in Italy, she tells Hope how happy she looked. Hope says it’s easy to be happy about the future when you don’t know what’s in it. She says yesterday was about a little boys happiness and that’s good enough.

_ Thomas tells Douglas that he and Hope will have a one night honeymoon and he’ll hang out with his aunt Steffy. Before Douglas leaves out to pack his things, he asks Thomas why did he say baby Beth was alive. Thomas gets rough with Douglas and squeezes his arm as he tells him he never want to hear him say that again.

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