Bold and the Beautiful Recap 7/26/2019

Liam called the hospital to see if Flo gave birth at their hospital. The receptionist said they can’t give out that information. Liam asks if she can forward the message to the doctor.

Flo tells Hope she gets that she loves Douglas, but she’s worried about the decisions shes making, leaving Liam and marrying Thomas. Hope tells her she had to leave Liam so that he could be a father to those girls and she could help with Douglas.

Douglas keeps saying Beth is alive. Thomas tells him he must never say that again.

Liam tells Steffy it’s amazing how all the pieces of the puzzle came together for them to have Phoebe. He says Taylor knew someone, who happened to know a woman who wanted to give her baby up for adoption and that woman happened to be Flo, Hope’s cousin.

Thomas tells Douglas he misheard him, Douglas says he didn’t he heard him say Beth is alive. Douglas says he misses his mom, Thomas tells him Hope is his mom now, and he must never repeat anything about Beth or Steffy and Hope could get hurt.

Flo warns Hope to be careful of Thomas. Hope says she’s known Thomas all her life, and he won’t hurt her, she tells Flo she doesn’t need to worry about her.

Out of the blue Douglas says he likes Liam and that Liam is nice to him. Thomas warns him again that he must never mention anything about Beth again.

Liam asks about Douglas coming over, Steffy tells him yes he will, because Thomas panned a staycation for him and Hope. Liam isn’t to happy to hear about that.

Meanwhile, Hope shows up and is happy to see Phoebe with her daddy.

Flo tells Zoe about Thomas threatening her. She tells Zoe that Thomas got really scary and turned really dark. She tells Zoe that Thomas threatened her life and he meant it, and now he’s Hope’s husband.

#BoldandtheBeautiful Liam tells Thomas he disgusts him after Thomas asked him if he was ok, and filled him in on his plans for their staycation.

Douglas asks Steffy if Phoebe’s name was always Phoebe, Steffy every since she adopted her, and asks him why did he ask. Thomas looked uncomfortable.

Zoe asks Flo to repeat what happened at the wedding when Phoebe called Hope mama. Flo says maybe Phoebe recognizes her own mother and that maybe Hope will find out Phoebe is her daughter without them telling her.

Liam tells Hope she really loves Phoebe and Hope agrees, she says she loved her from the first moment she saw her. Liam says it was the same way for him. He tells Hope he can’t believe she really married Thomas and he’s dangerous so he doesn’t want to think of her alone with him.

Douglas overhears Liam and Hope talking. When Hope said she had to move on because their Beth was gone, Douglas said no she isn’t, baby Beth isn’t gone, she’s alive.

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