Karma is a Phoenix Name Phyllis!

Phyllis and Billy had a beautiful love affair, a lot of fans are still baffled at how the super couple, Philly fell apart. Although, Phyllis had an affair with Nick, she still loved Billy very much, and there is no doubt that she would have tried to make things work out with Billy. Unbeknownst to Phyllis, Summer was seducing Billy every chance she got, it wasn’t until Billy learned of Phyllis’s affair with Nick that he caved into Summer’s seduction. Phyllis was devastated to learn her daughter, whom she loved dearly had betrayed her in the worse way possible.Anyone who has watched Y&R over the years, knows that Phyllis has always been a woman who believes in getting revenge; is Summer exempt from Phyllis vengeful nature?

Summer took off after she realized Billy had used her to get revenge on Phyllis and there was no chance of them being a couple. When Summer returned, she realized that Kyle was the man for her; she donated a part of her liver to Lola, in exchange Kyle married her. The marriage was short lived, and Summer found herself dumped once again by an Abbott man. Summer seems to have found a way to get over being jilted by Kyle…. in the arms of Theo. Although, Summer and Theo both claim to like being friends with benefits, it seems Summer may truly be developing feelings for Theo. Theo is a free spirited guy just looking for fun, drinks and a roll in the hay, which should be a red flag for Summer. If Summer allows herself to fall for Theo, she will definitely be setting herself up for a major heartbreak! Phyllis has tried to warn Summer that Theo is trouble; she pointed out to Summer that he has her missing work and getting drunk. Summer thinks she has things under control with Theo but will she soon regret not heeding her mothers words?

Phyllis has asked Theo to work for her promoting the Grand Phoenix Hotel, to which he graciously accepted. At first, it seemed Phyllis may have done this just to put some time and distance between Summer and Theo, but knowing Phyllis, she could have other motives! Theo seems to have impressed Phyllis with his work, and with them working closely together and both being sexually driven people, they could easily find themselves in the bed together. Yeah, Phyllis initial motive may not be to get revenge on Summer for sleeping with Billy, but that’s not the way Summer will see it. Do you think Phyllis could end up unintentionally breaking Summers heart, by sleeping with Theo? Don’t forget to tune in to the Young and the Restless weekdays on CBS.

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