Will Nick Turn to Avery?

Nick is heartbroken over losing physical custody of Christian, and in fact he probably wouldn’t have, had Michael not abandoned him as his lawyer. Nick is desperate and insecure, especially now that Adam has been granted supervised visitation with Christian; Nick fears Adam will turn his son against him. Chelsea and Victoria have tried to encourage the disheartened Nick not to give up hope, because they have confidence that the judge will see how good of a father he has been to Christian.Nick may have thought having Michael as his attorney gave him a better chance at winning custody, but Michael isn’t the only attorney Nick knows that has confidence in his parenting skills!

Longtime viewers may remember Phyllis sister Avery. Avery and Nick fell in love and were engaged to be married, she is also an attorney! Ironically, Avery and Michael had a practice together! Nick could easily call upon Avery to help him with the custody, who could represent him better than the woman who lived with him and witnessed him being a father to his daughters? If Avery came to town to help Nick win custody of Christian, would they find themselves falling in love again? We all know eventually Chelsea will find her way back to Adam and Avery may be the woman to help mend Nick’s broken heart! Tune in to Young and the Restless on weekdays on CBS, to see what’s next for Nick as he fights to keep custody of his son.

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