Did One Night of Cha Cha Cha Ruin Liam and Hope’s Happily Ever After?

The spoilers indicate there will be a twist in the Beth/Phoebe story-line. Hope, thinking Beth was dead pushed Liam into Steffy’s home and begged him to be a family with Steffy and the girls. Although, Liam begged Hope to stay married to him and eventually have a family, Hope was adamant that she never wanted to get pregnant again. Hope may have made the biggest mistake of her life when she sent Liam to Steffy instead of grieving with her husband and trying to have a family with him, like he wanted. Hope sent Liam exactly where Thomas needed him to be, in order to take to help execute his plan to force Hope to marry him.

At a family party Steffy planned, Thomas laced Liam’s drink with an unknown substance that caused Liam to let down his inhibitions. The substance worked like a charm and before the night was over Steffy and Liam were making love. With Hope and Liam learning Beth is alive within the same month Liam slept with Steffy, is it possible that after a week or two of living her happily in her ideal family life, Hope will be rocked by the revelation that Steffy is pregnant? If Steffy is pregnant, a very unmarried Liam will be forced to chose once again between the two women he love. Do you think there’s a possibility Steffy could be pregnant? Don’t forget to tune in to The Bold and the Beautiful weekdays on CBS.

Video is the property of CBS.

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