Is Ridge Douglas’s Father?

In the midst of Liam and Hope learning Phoebe is really their daughter Beth, could Ridge also be on the verge of finding out he is Douglas’s father? When Ridge learned Caroline was pregnant he assumed the child wasn’t his because his doctor told him he had no viable sperm due to a vasectomy he had years ago. Ridge and Caroline never had a paternity test done because they both took the doctor at his word, in addition, Caroline and Thomas had sex during the time she had been ovulating. Now that Thomas appears unfit to be a parent due to his sinister behavior, another family will most likely have to step up and take physical custody of Douglas. Could Douglas get injured and require blood or an organ, and Thomas isn’t a match? That would certainly be ironic, due to the way Ridge learned Eric wasn’t his real father. As they say, “history repeats itself,” and that seems to be the case on most soaps.

If it is revealed that Ridge is Douglas’s father the fall out could be explosive and change Ridge’s life for years to come. One of the major changes could be losing his marriage. There is a possibility that Brooke doesn’t want to raise a child at this stage in her life, after all she said I do to a man with adult children. Ridge could also be put in the position to appear as if he favors one son over the other, but what he may really be doing is protecting Douglas from an unstable Thomas. Lastly, Ridge did get a vasectomy, which means most likely he had decided he didn’t want to have anymore children, is he mentally prepared to take on the challenge of raising a young child or will he ship Douglas off to boarding school like his big brother, RJ?

Whether Douglas is Ridges son or not, one thing we all can agree upon is that Thomas is not fit to parent Douglas at this point. It will be interesting to see how things unfold for Douglas after Hope learns Beth is alive. Do you thing there’s a possibility that Douglas may be Ridge’s son? Tune in to The Bold and the Beautiful weekdays on CBS to find out!

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