The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers 7/29-8/2

Photo Credit: ©Howard Wise

MON 7/29/2019

Thomas becomes flustered when Hope talks excessively about Douglas on their honeymoon. Liam gets startling information about Beth from an unexpected person.

TUE 7/30/2019

Flo gets frightened after learning about Thomas’s dark past from Brooke, Donna and Katie. Hope unknowingly puts herself in danger when she confesses her feelings for Liam to Thomas.

WED 7/31/2019

Shauna tries to calm a panicked Flo from telling Wyatt the truth about her role in the baby swap. Liam is stunned as he starts putting the puzzle pieces together about Beth.

THU 8/1/2019

Vinny gives Thomas a wedding gift to give to Hope. Angry, Liam confronts Flo and demand that she tell them the truth about Phoebe.

FRI 8/2/2019

Apologetically, Flo make a confession to Wyatt and Liam. Thomas tries to make an escape with Hope when he realizes Liam knows the truth.

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