Y&R Recap Monday 7/29/2019

Chelsea finds Nick hiding out at the property he’d bought to build their dream home on when they were engaged. Nick said he needed to get away and put some distance between him and Adam, because he was going to hurt him. Chelsea told Nick he doesn’t have it in him to hurt someone; Nick says the only thing keeping him from hurting Adam is the thought that he would lose his chance to get custody of Christian. Chelsea comments on how beautiful the land is, Nick tells her that after he didn’t get to build their dream home there, he offered to build Kyle and Summer a home there but they split before he could even get the plans drawn up, Nick says he guess the place is really the land of broken promises. Chelsea says she don’t know about it being the land of broken promises, because she found what she was looking for today; Nick asked what was that, Chelsea says that anything is possible. Chelsea tells Nick the property is very amazing but she better get going, she asks him if he will be staying or going home. Nick is caught of guard and said you called my house, home; Chelsea bashfully tried to explain she didn’t mean it like that. Nick asked if she considers Genoa City home. Chelsea says yes, she has lived there longer than anywhere else, but Connor is settled in Baton Rouge now. Nick tells Chelsea that Connor can be settled anywhere, he has a lot of people that loves him there in Genoa City, Chelsea says including Adam. Nick tells Chelsea that she can’t let Adam control her life, she reminds Nick of what Adam is doing to him and Christian. Nick asks Chelsea what she’s going to do, Chelsea said she need time to figure it out, Nick says, “in the meantime let’s go home.” An attorney named Daryl comes to see Chelsea at Nicks home, he tells her he’s about to make her a very rich women.

When Adam summons Michael to run an errand for him, Michael informs him that he told Kevin to leave town and that he destroyed the photo of the judge. Adam was furious that Michael sent Kevin away, and that his evidence was destroyed; he said the pictures were going to guarantee the custody of his son. Michael said the pictures would have guaranteed he went to jail; Adam asked Michael if he expected him to believe that he destroyed the photos to help him. Michael tells Adam he destroyed the photos to help himself, he said since he’s helping Adam if he goes down so will he and that’s not going to happen. Adam welcomes Michael to the dark side. Michael tells Adam he decided to run for D.A.. Michael said he will convince Christine to step down so they can hold a special election. Adam asked Michael why he had the sudden urge to take office, Michael responded by saying, “mutually beneficial means there’s something in it for me” ; Adam replied, “if you can’t beat them join them, right?” Michael ends the conversation with Adam by walking off and telling him he’ll be in touch, Adam warned him that it would be a mistake to come up against him.

At the Coffee House Victoria apologizes to Billy for accepting custody of Christian without talking to him first. Billy supports Victoria’s decision, he said he was just happy the kid had a safe place to be. Victoria chastised Billy abut keeping his phone on, she said she need to be able to reach him in case of an emergency. Billy confesses to Victoria that he would have never sent Jack to Paris if he would have known Jack and Ashley were going to merge their companies.

Sharon goes to see Rey, to discuss their relationship. Sharon admits she was wrong for getting involved in Christians case, but she said she doesn’t see how it’s wrong. Rey said it’s not about helping Christian, he says they both know it’s about helping Adam and that he is way more than just a friend. Rey sternly tells Sharon if she can’t be honest about Adam, there is no need to continue the conversation. Sharon asked Rey if they could agree to disagree about the way they view Adam. Sharon tells Rey he will see Adam through a cop’s eyes because he see’s his rap sheet, Rey says that tells a lot about a man. Sharon tells Rey she see’s what shaped Adam, she said he didn’t know who his father was and when he found out it turned his whole world around because he had been lied to by everyone he loved. When Rey said that explains a lot, Sharon assumed it meant he understood what she was saying. Rey said, “it explains a lot about you, you don’t love him in spite of who he is, you love him because of it.” Sharon says she came to apologize for volunteering to take custody of Christian, Rey says all she did was make excuses for her and Adam. Sharon tells Rey she was awake all night thinking about this, Rey asked, “how much time did you spend thinking about us and our future, as much time as you spent thinking about Adam’s tragic past?” Sharon maintains her concerns are valid, Rey says a lot of people grew up without their dad. Sharon claims she has pity for Adam not love, Rey says it’s a fine line. Sharon tells Rey his problem isn’t about Adam, it’s about Mia, he doesn’t trust her because of what Mia did.” Rey said what he’s feeling isn’t about trust it’s about frustration and fear, and he’s scared for her. Rey tells Sharon he can’t save her from Adam only she can, he said she can’t stop herself from letting Adam drag her down. Sharon says she will stop seeing Adam, Rey tells her she has said that before. Sharon tells Rey she loves only him, Rey says the first time he heard her say that he thought his heart was going to explode, but now it feels like she is using him to hide her feelings for Adam and he isn’t interested in being her safety net. Rey tells Sharon, “it’s over, we’re done!”

Kyle attempts to comfort Lola whose sad that her mom left town. Lola tells Kyle it was hard hearing about his life in New York, she said she’s not judging him, but’s it’s hard hearing about the intense relationship he had with Summer that caused him to go out of control when she broke up with him. Kyle tells Lola he was stupid and has grown up a lot since then; Lola says she loves the man he has grown into and eventually her mom will too. Kyle tries to convince Lola to fly out and talk to her mom, Lola says she can’t take off from work, and if her mom doesn’t show up to their wedding it’s her own fault because she shouldn’t have shut her mom out. Lola asked Kyle how would he feel if their daughter was in a life threatening situation and she didn’t mention it to them; Lola catches Kyle staring off and he says he was just thinking about a little Lola and how cute and stubborn she would be. Lola tells Kyle he has no idea what he’s in for, Kyle says it’s going to be amazing. Lola tells Kyle only if you like it hot and spicy, Kyle goes in for a kiss and says, “the spicier the better.”

Victoria shows up at Dark Horse to meet with Phyllis to discuss the sell of the properties she made an offer on; Phyllis had already texted her the details of the completion of the sell. Victoria was pleased and stated she would be informing Nick that she was returning the property back to his ownership, Phyllis asked Victoria to let her tell Nick. Victoria was wondering if Phyllis was hoping this would help her win Nick back, Phyllis cut her off saying she doesn’t need her advice. Victoria wished Phyllis luck, Phyllis tells her she doesn’t need lick, luck is for suckers.

Sharon meets Billy at the Coffee House, they talk about Christian and his dreams about Delia. Billy admits the dreams are still causing him anxiety. Sharon offers to find him someone who can help with grief counseling, Billy said he’d rather keep talking to her if she has the time. Sharon tells Billy she’ll have a lot of free time now that she and Rey broke up. Billy tells Sharon if he were Rey he would be worried about her being near Adam too, Sharon still defends Adam; Billy maintains that Adam is poisonous. Sharon changes the conversation to Adam’s lack of sleep and anxiety. Billy says even when he sleeps he doesn’t sleep because he’s always having the nightmare about being to late to save Delia from Adam. Sharon tells Adam he need to seek help from a doctor if he can’t sleep, she said he can start by cutting back on caffeine and doing some exercises, Billy said he was thinking about sleeping bills, Sharon reinforces he need to see a doctor if he isn’t getting any sleep because pills can be addicting. Victoria spies Sharon and Billy talking, she looks concerned about seeing them together but decided not to go to the table

Phyllis invites herself to join Michael, she brings up how he bailed out on Nick at the last minute and caused Nick to lose custody of Christian. Michael tells Phyllis he had a conflict of interest, and he told Nick to ask for a continuance and to get a lawyer, he says it’s on Nick that he lost custody. Phyllis tells Michael at least the judge didn’t grant Adam custody, Michael said he never thought that he would, from his experience working cases like these. Phyllis tells Michael that she’s finding Adam’s arrogance is giving her endless opportunities. Michael says he probably doesn’t want to know what she’s up to and tells her he steers as far away from her boss as possible, Phyllis doesn’t seem to believe that.

Adam bumped into Rey at the bar, he tells Rey he take it as a sign that there is problems between him and Sharon. Adam thanked Rey for letting Sharon offer to take custody of his son; he said he knows he would have made his son feel safe and loved if the judge would have given her custody of his son. Rey said, “we both know that’s not why you asked!” Adam told Rey, “because she’s the best person to mother Christian.” Rey said, “Sharon may buy that but I don’t, you knew there was no way the judge would chose Sharon over Victoria, so you used your son custody hearing to suck her into your world!” Adam tells Rey he’s sorry if he caused problems for him and Sharon. Adam wanted to know why it bothers Rey so much that he’s friends with Sharon. Rey tells him he thinks he sees Sharon as prey. Adam tells Rey, “if I did I would have to hunt her down and I don’t Rey, because she’s going to come to me.” Rey tells him maybe sooner than he thinks.

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