Bold and Beautiful Recap Tuesday 7/30/2019

Photo Credit: CBS Bold and the Beautiful

Douglas insists he can take Liam to Beth, despite Liam telling him he can’t because Beth is dead.

The phone rings, Hope tried to convince Thomas to answer the phone, he tells her he’s only worried about being with his wife.

Brooke, Katie and Donna discuss Hope and her marriage to Thomas. Donna says she respects Hope for doing it for the kids. Flo walks in on the conversation and says she agrees Hope shouldn’t have married Thomas. Katie tells Flo she likes her conviction, but asks her if she knows something that they don’t know. They agreed things went wrong after they went to Catalina and lost Beth, Flo says they were robbed!

The Logan sisters filled Flo in on Thomas past. Katie tells her about the time he pushed Rick out of the window. Donna said but that was the past and he’s supposed to be change. Flo said what if he hasn’t and rushed out, leaving her aunts confused.

Thomas is ticked off when Hope pulls away again. He asked her if she was seriously doing this again. Hope says she keeps thinking of the life she and Liam was supposed to have with Beth. Thomas tells her get over it, she’s married to him now and Beth is dead and never coming back!

Douglas is looking at Phoebe in her crib, he whispers Beth I know who you are. Liam tells Steffy that Douglas keeps saying that Beth is alive. Steffy tells Liam she will talk to Douglas. Liam thinks its more to what Douglas is saying.

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