Bold and the Beautiful Recap 7/29/2019

Hope is crushed about Douglas saying Beth is alive and want to know why he would say such a hurtful thing. Hope and Liam asks Douglas if he means Beth is alive like Caroline is still alive in his heart. Douglas says, ” no, my mommy died, your Beth is still alive!” Hope asks Douglas why he’s saying that, she asked if he wanted her to be sad. She asked him to stop saying that, because he knows she would do anything to hold Beth again, Hope leaves crying. Douglas is confused as to why Hope left, Liam reassures him that Hope loves him, but she’s just sad about Beth.

Thomas is anxious to get back to Douglas, but Steffy wants to talk to him. Steffy tells him that he and Hope don’t look like giddy newly weds, she tells him they all know that Douglas was the reason they got married and she really likes the way Douglas opens up to Hope, but she needs him to be honest with himself. Steffy tell Thomas to take things slow with Hope, communicate and follow her lead, she tells him that Hope married him, so they have the rest of their lies there is no need to rush (meaning what he has planned for them to do at the hotel) …..After Steffy and Thomas are finished talking, Thomas comes out and ask where did Hope go. Before he leaves he warns Douglas not to say anything about what he thinks he heard (Beth is alive). Douglas angrily promises not to say it again.

Flo tells Zoe she can’t handle Hope being with Thomas knowing he’s lying. She says she would’ve told Hope, except Thomas threatened her. Flo says Thomas is out of control and they both know what happened to the last person who tried to tell. Flo says she done protecting herself, she says Thomas is dangerous. Zoe said she doesn’t like the way Thomas is handling things with the threats either, but he hasn’t done anything to hurt Hope; Flo says he used her grief to manipulate her into marrying him…Zoe tells Flo not to tell Hope anything. Flo says Thomas is a liar, he’s lying to Hope; Zoe says so are we, we’ve been lying to her for months. Zoe tells Flo they don’t know if Liam would’ve been so torn between his two families that they would have broken up anyways. Flo says that they both know Hope doesn’t love Thomas.

Hope and Thomas make it to the hotel. Thomas tries to get intimate with Hope, she asks if they can take their time and talk a little. Thomas tells her whatever is going on in her mind take it and throw it away, no distractions just a husband and a wife giving each other their undivided attention, he tells her he wants her so much, they begin to kiss. After kissing for awhile Hope pulls away and says she isn’t ready, Thomas said they’ll go slow. Hope says they have the rest of their lives together, Thomas says he wants the rest of their lives to start tonight. Thomas tells her she has to let go of the thoughts of Liam and Beth, she doesn’t know how amazing it will feel to let go of the pain, he says he’s her husband and want to help her, but she has to trust him, they start to kiss again.

Liam and Steffy spend time with Douglas, he asks Steffy about Phoebe’s adoption and whether she knew Phoebe’s real mom, the babies wake up before Steffy can answer. When Steffy leaves to take care of the babies Liam tells Douglas he was wondering what put the questions in his head that he has about Phoebe, he tells Douglas its ok to be curious. Douglas ask if Hope was mad at him, Liam tells him she is still sad about Beth. Liam tells Douglas he can’t be saying Beth is alive, Douglas maintain she is. Liam tells Douglas, “if Beth was alive you’d be able to take me to her”; Douglas says, “I can!”

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