Y&R Recap Tuesday 7/30/2019

The attorney tells Chelsea that Calvin left her five million dollars. Chelsea was shocked to learn Calvin left her money, given she signed a prenuptial agreement. The attorney informs Chelsea that the prenup was a formality to protect Calvin, given her and her mothers past. Darryl tells Chelsea that Calvin also left a trust for Connors education. Chelsea tells the attorney it feels wrong signing for the money, she says Calvin must have family somewhere. The attorney tells Chelsea, Calvin’s family didn’t make the cut, he said Calvin loved her and wanted this for her. Chelsea is apprehensive about taking the money, the attorney tells her there is no crime in her taking the money. After the documents are signed, Chelsea tells Nick it doesn’t feel right and she doesn’t know why. Chelsea says maybe she’s freaking out because she has never had so much money before. Nick said maybe all the options she has now that she has the money is a little scary. Anita is over the moon to learn about the money left Calvin, Chelsea says money is her favorite family member. Nick asks Chelsea now that she has enough money to disappear, do she want to leave. Chelsea says she isn’t going anywhere, she said if she can have whatever she wants, she wants this. They embrace.

Abby tried to encourage Lola to have faith that Celeste will come around. Abby tells Lola it was a terrible time for her waking up and realizing she had lost Kyle. Lola says it’s her own fault for going through it without her mom and now she has to face the fact that she may be getting married without her mom.

Kyle calls Celeste and begs her not to let Lola get married without her.

Victor receives some good news about his health. Nate tells him his numbers look good and he would like to introduce another treatment to help him along. Nikki is worried, she doesn’t understand why Victor need another treatment if he’s doing well. Nikki wanted to know if the new treatment is worth it. Nate says Victor is way stronger than he was a month ago, he informs them that the effects may be severe. Victor says the new treatment gives him a chance to cure his illness and he would like to beat the disease if he has a chance.

Victoria tells Billy that she’s noticed he hasn’t been sleeping. Billy blows over Victoria’s concern, blaming it on how hectic things have been. Christian comes in the room and says he had a dream that he called his daddy but his daddy didn’t come, his statement touched Billy (given his nightmares about not being able to get to Delia in time). Billy comforts Christian, he tells him he understands how it feels to love someone so much and miss them. Billy allows Christian to call Nick and he feels better.

Kyle surprises Lola with flowers and candles. Lola tells Kyle him being open was a big deal, and she understands he was different then. She asks that he continues to be honest with her. Lola is surprised when Kyle tells her she was supposed to plan the honeymoon, and he was supposed to plan the wedding. Lola is upset when she learns Kyle was pulling her leg about the honeymoon. He asks her what would she like to do, Lola says something on the beach, and she gets to cook for him, and lay out with him, he shows her what he booked and she was blown away. Kyle tells Lola whatever it takes to give her the wedding of her dreams is what he will do.

Victoria and Nikki discuss Victors health status. Nikki tells Victoria she’s proud of the way Billy has stepped up to help her out. Victoria tells Nikki that Nick would have done the same for her and Billy, she tells her mom she’s there for her and Victor too. Nikki tells Victoria she and Victor will still be coming over to spoil the kids. Victoria is happy they aren’t old enough to surf the internet to see the video of Nick that Adam posted. Nikki said he released it without a care of how it will affect others in his family, including Victor.

Billy can’t fall asleep, so he takes sleeping pills and lays down but wakes up in a sweat in Mrs. Chancellors mansion; he sees Adam’s name written on the drawer he looks away and then see’s “Stop Adam” written.

Nate tells Abby good news about Victor’s health. Abby is excited and grateful of how well he’s taking care of her father. They decide to celebrate at Nate’s house. Nate wants to cook Abby dinner, Abby asked if he realized she has her own restaurant, Nate says it isn’t home cooking and that what he’s offering. The have a little flirtatious talk and kiss

Victoria is panicked when she comes home and the kids are alone. Billy tells Victoria he thought he could deal with things on his own, and he’s been talking to Sharon to help out, but he was afraid to talk to her because he remembers how things fell apart between them when Delia died. He told Victoria he’s scared, he’s falling apart and he doesn’t know what to do. Billy shares the nightmares about Delia with Victoria. Victoria is empathetic to Billy. Victoria asked why did he need to leave the house, he said he didn’t he just wanted to sleep, he said he took her sleeping pills and woke up on the floor of the Chancellor mansion. He told her that the word stop was written above Adam. Victoria holds him and tells him everything will be ok, she has him.

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