Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers 8/5-8/9

MON 8/5/2019

Feeling ashamed of the hurt she’s caused Steffy, Liam and Hope, Flo makes a desperate attempt to save her relationship with Wyatt. Hope learns Beth is alive when she witness an epic showdown between Thomas and Liam.

TUE 8/6/2019

Flo comes clean and tells Ridge and Brooke that she didn’t give birth to Phoebe. Hope and Liam happily reunites with Beth.

WED 8/7/2019

An enrage Brooke chastise Flo, Shauna and Zoe about the pain and destruction of lives their lies, deceit caused. Hope is horrified to learn from Liam that the baby swap secret started with Reese and ended with her husband, Thomas.

THU 8/8/2019

Steffy is devastated when Hope and Liam tell her that Phoebe is their daughter Beth. Ridge and Brooke question Flo, Shauna and Zoe about the depth of their secret.

FRI 8/9/2019

An angry Ridge tears into Flo and Zoe for ruining so many lives, including his daughter, Steffy. The Logans and the Forresters take sides as Steffy and Hope argue over Beth.

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