Bold and Beautiful Recap Thursday 8/1/2019

Liam cries, “oh my God! Beth, my baby girl let me look at you.” Steffy asks him what he’s doing. Liam tells Steffy, “this is Beth she’s alive, this is my daughter.” Steffy tells Liam Beth is gone there is no way this can be Beth. Liam says Douglas heard Thomas say Beth is alive and he overheard Thomas telling Flo she has to keep the secret. He says Beth is the secret Steffy. Steffy tells Liam he’s not making any sense. Liam says Flo slipped up and said she never gave birth. Steffy said this has at to be a mistake Flo will clear it up. Liam says Flo is the reason this happened and he knows she doesn’t want to accept that her brother isn’t a good guy but that’s Beth in there, that’s his baby. Liam leaves to confront Flo at Wyatt’s to make Flo come clean. Douglas asks where Liam went and asked Steffy if she was upset with him ,she tells him no. He asks if she will call his dad and tell. When Phoebe cries Douglas says Beth is crying, Steffy says no that’s Phobe, she goes and hold Phoebe and says mama’s got you Phoebe, mama’s got you.

Thomas meets with Vinny. Vinny says he’s bombed that Thomas didn’t invite him to the wedding. Thomas tells Vinny it was small and just family. Vinny gave him a “wedding gift.” Thomas tells him no thanks, Vinny insists he takes it and have fun with the new Mrs. Forrester. When Thomas arrives to the hotel room he tells Hope its time to get it started. Hope says it still early maybe they can go get massages. Thomas says maybe we can stay in the room and give each other massages that’s what I want I want us to be together and commit to each other the way a husband and wife should. Thomas gives Hope lingerie and asks her to try it on for him. He tells her she’s his wife and how beautiful she is. Hope leaves to put on the lingerie. Thomas turns off Hope’s phone, Hope comes out in the lingerie he tells her she looks beautiful he takes off his shirt and they begin to kiss

Wyatt comes home and wants to know what Flo has to talk to him about. Flo says it’s about Thomas and she needs to be honest with him she can’t put if off any longer. Flo starts off by saying she did a favor for a friend and if she hadn’t come to Los Angeles to do it she would have never met her family and found him. Wyatt says he’s known something has been wrong for a while, Flo says she need to come clean about Thomas, Hope and Liam. Flo asks Wyatt to put his arms around her because it may be the last time she feels his arms around her again. Liam busts in before she can tell Wyatt and tells her how she’s ruined him and Hope’s life, he tells her she never gave birth and it’s time she admits the truth. Wyatt is upset and yelled at Liam saying he wasn’t going to let him yell at Flo. Wyatt tries to protect Flo as Liam list off the evidence he found that proves she didn’t give birth, Flo cries he’s right I never gave birth. Liam asked who was pregnant who gave birth; Flo says Hope, Hope gave birth, Hope was the mother. Wyatt is sadly shocked.

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