Bold and Beautiful Recap Wednesday 7/31/2019

Douglas tells Liam Beth didn’t die, he says, “Phoebe is Beth and she’s your baby.” Liam asks Douglas why he keeps saying that; Douglas says because its true. Liam says he wish it was true and asks Douglas who told him that; Douglas says daddy told him. Steffy thinks Douglas is making up stories about Beth for attention, Douglas says he isn’t telling stories, he says his momma told him to always tell the truth because she learned the hard way how important it is. Liam doesn’t think Douglas is making it up for attention, he tells Steffy Douglas was at Phoebe’s crib staring at her and he started talking about Beth again and how she’s alive, Steffy said kids say strange things. Liam said he said that Phoebe is Beth. Steffy asked, why would he say that, Liam said because your brother told him that. Liam gets a call from Dr. Cortez, who said there’s no record of Florence Fulton ever giving birth at that hospital. Dr. Cortez said she was out of the country at the time Phoebe was born so she couldn’t have delivered her and she’s concerned that he has a birth certificate with her name on it. The Dr. asked Liam if he was still in touch with Flo, she advised Liam to talk to Flo and to tell her she has some questions of her own to ask her. When Liam tells Steffy what the doctor said, she nervously asks him what he’s trying to say. Steffy tells Liam maybe it was a mistake, clerical errors happen all the time, then she asks why did he look the doctor up anyways. Liam says because Wyatt said Flo said something that indicates she never gave birth. Steffy said well maybe Phoebe wasn’t born there, maybe she was born somewhere else, Liam says Catalina and goes into the nursery and cries as he holds Phoebe, saying you’re my baby. Phoebe says dada, Liam says yeah I’m your dada and cries tears of joy.

Thomas asks Hope how she thinks it makes him feel when she keeps talking and thinking about Liam,he tells her she need to put Liam in her past and think about the life she has with him. Thomas tells Hope he’s not upset with her and he knows she wants to take it slow, he said he finds that more romantic. Thomas tells Hope it’s really ok he doesn’t see a reason to rush things they have all night. He suggest they have a little dinner as they slowly work their way up to making love. Thomas talks to Vinny who says he has a wedding gift for him and the wifey that he knows they’ll like. Hope is afraid when she see’s Thomas ordered champagne. Thomas toast to them, Hope says to our family. Thomas tells her Beth is looking down and want her to be happy, having the happiness he and Douglas can give to her, his phone rings Hope encourages him to take it, she says she could use a moment. She keeps telling herself to just let go but then starts thinking of Liam again

Flo goes to see Wyatt, who isn’t home. She text him and tell him she need to talk to him it’s important. She says to herself that he need to know the truth and then she think of all the events involving Beth being stolen, then learning that Storm is her father and finally, Thomas threatening her to keep the secret. Shauna shows up and interrupts her thoughts. Flo tells her mom she’s done she can’t keep the secret any longer. Flo says she would have told sooner if Thomas hadn’t threatened her. Shauna asks Flo was it really a threat, she said sometimes people say things they don’t mean and its better to judge by action. Flo shares the things her aunts told her about Thomas. Shauna was shocked to learn Thomas blew up Ricks car. Flo said she can’t change what she did but she can change what she does moving forward and she will give Hope her baby back today. Flo tells Shauna she needed her to tell her to tell the truth and she’s upset with Zoe and Reese but she’s done and she’s telling Wyatt everything that happened. Shauna asked, “why Wyatt”, Flo said, “because I love him and trust him and he’ll help me go to Liam and Hope and they’ll finally have their little girl.” Shauna tells Flo she’ll risk losing Wyatt, Flo says, “risk I’m pretty sure I’ll lose Wyatt, the Logans and my freedom, but I’ll have something to be proud of giving Beth back”, she tells Shauna she has too.

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