Y&R Recap Thursday 8/1/2019

Mariah notices that something is wrong with Sharon. Sharon tells Mariah that Rey moved out. When Mariah asked her why, Sharon says just irreconcilable difference. Mariah figures out it was about Adam, and told her that she promised to stay away from Adam. Mariah asked Sharon how she could turn her back on Nick. Sharon said Adam is Christian’s father, Mariah chastised her saying blood isn’t what make a father, plenty of people are raised by people that aren’t their parents but who loves them and takes care of them, she asks Sharon what has Adam done that makes her think Adam is a better father than Nick. Sharon claims she was just helping out a friend. Mariah tells Sharon states, that’s why Rey walked out and after hearing all the details she would have done the same thing. Sharon says she wasn’t trying to put Adam over Rey or turn her back on Nick. Mariah says it seems that way because every time Adam needs her she goes running and jeopardizing her relationship with a good man, she says Adam is capable of fighting his own battles and she need to try to resist him harder like her life and happiness depends on it. Mariah tells her it seems she’s addicted to Adam and he will just drag her down with him. Sharon starts to make an excuse by saying, “but”; Mariah says there is no but, she tells her that her decisions don’t just affect her, they also affect Rey, Faith and everyone else who loves her so better choose right, choose love. she says she knows the right thing to do she just need the courage

Nick gets blue print plans of something that he finds outstanding and says it’s exactly what he had in mind. Later he calls Devon to make a business proposition. When Nick shows up to Devon’s he pitching a proposal about a place property that will be called New Hope, and will be to help under privileged people have a place to stay where they can enjoy growing gardens and hanging out to have coffee on the property. Devon is ready to sign on with the deal, he says it’s something Neil would have loved. Nick asks if there is anyway they could incorporate Neil’s name in the deal, Devon is honored and says yes. Nick says he wants to leave something good and honorable behind for his kids to be proud of. Devon says if you keep putting good into the world, good will come back.

Abby and Nate enjoy a home cooked dinner at his home. Abby is blown away at how wonderful the food tastes, and can’t believe Nate cooked it. She says Nate is a keeper. Abby gives Nate raving reviews on the meal he cooked. Nate invites Abby to take a vacation to the Grand Canyon with him. Abby said going away for a few days from her business would stress her out. Nate is confused about their status when Abby informs him that she isn’t ready for a commitment and doesn’t want any romantic trips for two planned. She declines his night cap offer and leaves out for work.

Tessa goes to Society to check in with Lola, they discuss how far along they have come in life and how wonderful it is. When Lola asks Tessa what she and Mariah has planned because Mariah asked her to put champagne on ice,Tessa worries that she may have forgotten their anniversary. When Mariah shows up to Society, Tessa asks her what are they celebrating. Mariah tells Tessa her video has hit a milestone, it has one million likes. They celebrate Tessa’s achievement. Mariah asks Lola how’s Rey doing. Lola said he was fine the last time he checked. Mariah tells her Rey moved out and she should check on him. Lola says shes sure its just a bump in the road and everything will be ok, Mariah gives her a worried look.

Devon has a surprise for Elena. She does everything in her power to try and get him to give to her now, eventually he gives in. She’s touched that he bought her a signed book by her favorite author and that he even remembered her saying who her favorite author was. She asks him what has she done to deserve this, as they embrace he asks her the same question.

Nate tells Devon about the way Abby rejected him. Devon said maybe she’s dealing with something she isn’t talking about, he tells him just give her sometime if they’re meant to be she’ll be there. Elena comes in crying and hugs Devon. She tells him a welder fell four stories, he was alive,talking and he held her hand asking her not to let him die because he had a family. She say said she promised him because she thought they had a chance and she knew she would do everything in her power to keep him alive, but he went into cardiac arrest and by the time they got to the hospital he was gone. Nate comforts Elena he tells her she has to find a balance and get out there tomorrow and give her all, he tells her the world needs more people like her. Elena tells him that’s exactly what she need to heat, she hugs him as Devon looks on.

Lola drops by to see Sharon, she tells her Mariah told her Rey moved out. She tried to plea Rey’s case but Sharon tells her that she’s the blame. Lola asked if it was about Adam, Sharon says there is a lot going on. She tells Sharon she understands she doesn’t want to discuss it, but she should talk to Rey, because she makes him happier than she’s seen in years. Lola offers to talk to Rey for her. Sharon says he was so angry and changes the subject telling Lola she has a lot on her plate she has a wedding and she should enjoy it, she found the person tha’ts meant for her and she shouldn’t let anything spoil it

Nick calls Victoria to speak with Christian. He asks him if he’s been a good boy for his aunt Victoria and Billy, he tells him he loves him and he’s proud of him. Christian asks if he will get to come home soon, Nick tells him he doesn’t know but he hopes so. Christian tells Nick he loves him, Nick tells him he loves him to and he loves him bigger than the sky.

When Lola tries to ask Abby about her date with Nate, Abby said she doesn’t think its meant to be. Abby changes the conversation to Celeste, Lola tells her that her mom has not come around. Lola asked why do relationships have to be so difficult, Abby said she wish she knew.

Sharon bumps into Nick as he jogs through Chancellor Park, she tells Nick she knows she’s that last person he wanted to see, and she knows he must be angry at her. Nick tells Sharon he’s not angry but he was disappointed that she showed up in court with Adam to support him and coach him. Sharon said she loved Christian to, she loved him and fed him and took care of him so she would have been a better choice to have temporary custody of him than Victoria. Nick said if you want to side with Adam fine, but stay out of my way. Sharon asks if that’s a treat, Nick says, “no, he’s worried about her and if she lets Adam under her skin she’s the only one that will get hurt.” Sharon tells Nick she can take care of herself she doesn’t need protection if she was in danger she’d know it. Nick tells her this is Adam they’re talking about and she can keep telling herself he’s not a monster if she wants. Nick tells Sharon one day she’ll have to make a decision, she’ll have to be on Adams side or everyone elses, then he jogs away.

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