Y&R Recap Wednesday 7/31/2019

When Billy tries to make light of his insomnia, Victoria tells him she’s really worried about him, she says she want to be there to help him and she wishes he would have confided in her from the beginning. Billy tells Victoria he was embarrassed and didn’t want to dredge up the pain from the past; Victoria tells Billy that he wasn’t to embarrassed to tell Sharon and she thinks there is more to it than that. Billy tells Victoria that he trusts Sharon but her opinion is the only one that matters to him. Victoria asks if he was concerned that she would think less of him because she wouldn’t. Billy says it was a matter of feeling powerless because he promised to always take care of her and he feels like he’s letting her down; Victoria says, “you’re not, you’re looking for help and that’s all I care about, but you need to see a professional”. Billy said he will he just need a little bit of time.

Rey goes to see Nick and tells him that he’ll no longer be helping him to investigate Adam, he says ever since Nick put him on the case his life has slowly turned to hell. Rey told Nick he was sorry to let him down; Nick was visibly disappointed. Nick said he was worried a long time ago it might make things change for him. Rey tells Nick it’s obvious Sharon still has feeling for Adam and she’s using what she learned in psychology class to justify her and Adams behavior. Rey tells Nick how Adam was taunting him telling him Sharon will just come to him and he knows Adam is right that’s why he moved out. Nick told him he’s sorry he had to go through that.

Michael meets with Christine to discuss the District Attorney position. Christine told Michael she’s counting the days until the general election and she can turn the caseload over to whose ever next. Michael says, “why wait, you can do it now.” Christine asks Michael if he’s taling about her resigning. Michael says, “the Mayor gave you every reason not to want to work with him, we both know Victor’s lawsuit wasn’t about seeking vindication, he tried to soil your reputation probably because he’s backing his own candidate. He’s looking for a D.A. he can throw a truck load of money at, who’ll be at his beck and call, so why not cut him off at the pass, force a special election with a candidate you feel good about passing the torch to.” Christine asks if that’s what this meeting is about, Michael laughs and said I did really want to know how you’re doing, but he did also want to pass the idea by her. Christine doesn’t understand why he want to be D.A., because when he was interim D.A. he chose to serve for a very short time. Michael says things have changed since them and he’s thinking about the future he want to get back to prosecuting and serving the community again. Christine says she’ll think about it and get back to him.

Theo meets Phyllis to pitch his ideas for the grand opening of the Grand Phoenix hotel. Phyllis seems to be blowing Theo off. Theo tells Phyllis, he put everything into putting things together for the grand opening. Phyllis tells him she has some important things to take care off, Theo asks, “more important than the grand opening?” Phyllis says, “it can change everything for me.”

Jack and Adam had a discussion about Christian. Adam told Jack that it appears he’s on Nick’s side, Jack says he’s on Christians side and Nick has been the center of his universe. Jack tells Adam to take advantage of the court appointed visitations he has to get to know Christian. Jack explains to Adam that the judge appointed someone else as Christian’s guardian to give him and Nick a chance to compromise and put the child first, and it’s his job is to step up and do whats right for the child and if he can’t do that he has no business being a father!

Jack and Kyle catch up with each other, Kyle tells Jack he’s afraid the wedding won’t be everything Lola wanted if Celeste isn’t there. Jack tells Kyle Celeste will change her mind in the mean time he should do whatever possible t o make sure Lola is a happy bride.

Rey meet Paul at the Coffee House and tells him he misses being a cop and would like to come back on the force. Rey tells Paul he and Sharon broke up and he need to put some distance between him and Sharon. Paul asked if Adam was the problem. Rey says he need to get back to protecting the people and fighting for the values he believes in. Paul hires him back.

Phyllis goes to see Nick, when she tries to tell him how sorry she is he lost custody of Cristian, Nick tells her he isn’t interested in getting any sympathy from her. Phyllis tells him she authorized the sell of Dark Horse properties and projects that are waiting to be transferred into his hands paid for by Victoria, to make amends. She said she did it because she felt she owed him, and all she wants in return is a clean slate. Nick says you going to work with Victoria means I get my company back. Nick said he always thought she took the job to lord over him. Phyllis said, “you know me better than that, I always have an angle; one I loved bringing Adam down a notch plus making up the damage I done to you, means two angles. Nick said her trying to undo her damage shows she regrets what she did and he doesn’t want any animosity between them, she’s Summer’s mom and will always be a part of her life, but it hurt that she exposed his financial records to Adam and he can’t just forget it happened, Phyllis said she betrayed his trust and has a lot of work to do, but for now its a win for both of them.

Adam tells Victoria she will do anything to undermine him and it needs to stop. Adam tells Victoria, “you’re ignoring my calls to set up a time to see Christian, the visits are court mandated and there is no reason for things to get ugly if you follow through on your end, because I plan on seeing my son. Victoria said she’s swamped at Newman and she’ll review her calendar and get back to him. Adam suggested the nanny could supervised the visit if she has to work, but Victoria said Christian is going through a lot and she thinks it’s best if she is there to supervised the visitation.

Michael calls Adam and tells him about his meeting with Christine. Adam said he’s impressed at how much Michael seems to be enjoying this, Michael claims he’s just doing it to protect Kevin and his family.

Billy goes to meet Jack at Jabot, he tells him he needs his brother and proceed to tell him about his nightmares and insomnia. Phyllis crashes their conversation and tells Jack she would like to sell him the Jaboutiques properties so can own them outright. Jack is confused he said he was just with Adam and wonders why Adam didn’t tell him about it. Billy tells Jack to hear Phyllis out. Phyllis says she will sell the property for a little above the property value but not where he can’t afford to buy it, Billy said it’s to good to pass up. Jack says he need to think about it; Phyllis says, “tick tock, do we have an offer or not?” Jack tells Phyllis they have a deal. Jack and Billy happily discuss their new ownership of the Jaboutiqes. Jack said he couldn’t have done it without Phyllis and Ashley he knows Billy’s not happy about merging with the Abbott exchange; Jack goes on to tell Bill how good things can come from forgiveness. Billy says he can never forgive Adam and his hatred for him is getting worse.

Christine meets with Paul in Chancellor park to discuss backing Michael running for D.A. Christine tells Paul if she resigns and call an early election she can walk away and begin her life, she wants to know what Paul thinks about it. Paul tells Christine don’t act on impulse, he jokes that she need to think about what she’ll do with all the free time, he says imagine what would happen if he would follow suit, she says this and kisses him.

Nick goes to see Victoria who fills him in on what happened with Adam in the park. Nick is thankful for all she has done to help him. Nick goes on to tell her he can’t believe she and Phyllis worked together to get his properties back from Dark Horse. Victoria said she felt bad when Adam bought Dark Horse and went after Christian with the money she gave him. She said thanks to Phyllis she was able to make it right now he just has to think of a name for his new company.

When Phyllis shows up at Dark Horse Adam is sitting in her chair, he asks her if there is anything she’d like to tell him. She tells him she sold his properties and that he owns a real estate company with no real estate. Adam tells Phyllis he knows what she did, it’s hard to hide big transactions like those, he just wanted to see if shed cop up to it. Phyllis tells Adam he has no idea how much she loved sticking it to him

Theo tells Kyle he isn’t ready to give up on their friendship and if he was smart he’d hear him out. Kyle asked if that was a threat. Theo tells him to take a seat and him out, Kyle sits.

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