Bold and the Beautiful Recap Friday 8/2/2019

Thomas tells Hope he’s waited so long for this, Hope says we’ve only been married a few days, Thomas says I’ve waited for years. They kiss. Hope pulls away, Thomas asks what now, Hope said, “you said you’d be patient.” Thomas says seems like you were in the mood, Hope said then you’re not seeing me. The phone rings it’s Douglas, he tells Thomas that Steffy and Liam are nice, not mean like him he said Phoebe and Beth are nice too, Thomas tells him he told him not to say that. Douglas says Phoebe is Beth and I told Steffy and Liam too. Hope is worried that Douglas need them, Thomas asks if Liam and Steffy know where they are, she says yes, they’re watching your child. Thomas tells Hope he’s going about things wrong and tells Hope get dress so they can get out of there. Hope comes out dressed in a black dress, Thomas tells her she looks beautiful but he meant traveling clothes, and asked her to pack a few things.

Thomas calls Steffy and asked if she talked to Douglas. Steffy tells Thomas that Douglas keeps saying Phoebe is Beth. Thomas tells Steffy to put him in a time out, Steffy said she isn’t going to punish him, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Thomas asks if Liam is there, she said no he found an error on Phoebes birth certificate, took the birth certificate and stormed out.

Wyatt is upset that Liam is grilling and yelling at his girlfriend and tells Liam to back off. Flo feeling guilty, yells, “Phoebe is Beth, I was never pregnant, I’ve never had a child!” Wyatt tells Liam stop putting words in Flo’s mouth. Wyatt is confused about what Liam is trying to say and asks if Phoebe and Kelly were twins. Liam says, “no Phoebe is Beth!” Liam tells Flo all the cards are on the table and she just needed to admit it. Flo confesses. Liam wants to know how the baby swap happened. Flo said a friend called and asked for a favor. Wyatt asked, “and you just did it?” Flo said she didn’t know all the details, she said she assumed it was a celebrity and she thought she was doing a favor to help them out. Liam asked how her friend got a hold of Beth, she said he delivered her, and there was someone else who gave birth to a still born baby that night. Wyatt asked, “so he put a dead baby in Hope’s arms knowingly, why?” Flo said he had a gambling debt and they were threatening to kill Zoe. Liam cried, “he sold my baby for a gambling debt!” She said Taylor told him in passing that she would pay anything to help Steffy adopt and when everything happened on Catalina he saw an opportunity he took advantage. Wyatt said, “and you just went along with this!” Flo said she wanted to tell Hope so many time, but she had this new life that she didn’t want to ruin and she was being threatened.

Steffy tells Douglas, no more stories about Beth, he asks if he can call his dad. Before calling his dad, Douglas tells Steffy he loves her. Douglas tells Phoebe once again that he knows her name is Beth, when Steffy goes to let Ridge in. Steffy excused Douglas from the room and tells Ridge Douglas has been saying that Phoebe is Beth. Ridge asks Douglas to tell him about Phoebe being Beth. He asked Douglas where did he hear that. Douglas said, “from daddy, he didn’t know I heard and he got mad.” Ridge said, “I’m sure he probably didn’t mad, he probably just said it was a mistake.” Douglas said, “he said not to say it.”

Thomas and Hope arrives at Forresters Creations, he tells her they are waiting for a helicopter to whisk them off, Hope wants to know where they’re going and how long they’ll be gone. Thomas asks her why does she have to give him a hard time every time he tries to do something for her. Hope tells Thomas nothing about this feels right, and that if they are going somewhere she wants to know where. He said, “I’m your husband and I’m asking for your trust, remember this is what you wanted and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, I’m going check in with the pilot.”

Liam asked about all the people who knew, Flo tells him Zoe, Xander, her mom, Thomas and Emma; she said Thomas threatened if she told anyone, what happened to Emma would happen to her. Liam says he need to warn Hope, he tries to call her but gets no answer. Liam says he has to go take care of Thomas, but them Flo stops him and tell him Thomas is calling her phone right now, she puts the phone on speaker. Thomas tells her he doesn’t like her attitude. Flo sarcastically asks, “and being blackmailed is suppose to make a person cheerful?” Thomas tells her Steffy said Liam is headed her way because he heard something and he needs her to shut him down. Liam hears Pam talking to Hope in the background. Nervous that Pam had revealed where he was, Thomas yells, “hey I’m on the phone!” Hope looks nervous. Flo asked Thomas if he was at Forresters, he tells her keep her mouth shut, she knows what will happen if she don’t.

When Thomas leaves to check in with the pilot, Hope goes into the office and locks the door, she tells herself I don’t have to go she runs to the door where there’s a knock, she opens the door thinking it was Thomas, she says, “I don’t feel comfortable going with the way you’ve..” and turns and see’s Liam. Surprised to see Liam she asks, “Liam, is Douglas alright?” Liam says, “he’s more than alright he’s my freaking hero!” She tells Liam Thomas went to look for the pilot, he tells her she isn’t going anywhere with Thomas and locks them in the room. He says, “they lied to us, they stole from us, they sold her like she was a piece of furniture. Everything that we wanted, everything that we thought we lost, we didn’t” Hope says, “Liam you aren’t making sense.” Liam tells her there was another mother in the clinic that night who actually suffered the tragedy we though was ours, her baby was stillborn, and you held her, Hope said I held Beth, Liam said no and Dr. Buckingham lied. Hope asked why they’re talking about this, Liam said because Douglas is right Beth is alive. Hope tells Liam to stop, she says it was hard enough hearing it from Douglas. Liam asked her, “and where do you think he heard it from, his father. Thomas has been using this against us this whole time. Steffy thought that she was adopting Flo’s baby, the doctor never even heard of Flo, she was never even pregnant.” Hope was confused wondering how Flo and Thomas could do this and still in disbelief as to whether it’s true or not. Thomas starts banging on the door asking Hope if she’s in there, Liam continues to tell her that she passed out, Hope tells him don’t make her think about it. Thomas yells, “Liam is that you?” Liam tells her he should have been there, she passed out and that’s all it took for a thief to steal a baby and they took her and sold her. Thomas yells, “Hope don’t listen to him, I’m your husband!” Liam said, “Steffy had no part of this she had no idea, she didn’t know.” Hope cried, “Liam what are you saying.” He says, that Phoebe’s mother is you, she never died.” Thomas yelled, “Hope our honeymoon is waiting you’re my wife.” Liam cries, “Beth is alive.”

Flo tells Wyatt, he can’t hate her more than she hates herself and she knows he has questions. Wyatt asks “do I, I mean everything has been a lie, does that sum things up?” Flo said she knew she would lose him when she finally told the truth, she asked him to believe that she is still the woman he fell in love with.” Wyatt appeared to be done with Flo!

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