Y&R Recap August 2,2019

Billy talks to a therapist and she asks him to tell her what happened to his daughter. He tells his therapist that he will tell her exactly what happened to his daughter, but it won’t change anything, because the man who did it, is still here, and he’s not going anywhere. The therapist asks Billy what made him decide to come and seek help from her, he told her he’s there because he hasn’t been sleeping and he doesn’t want to fall asleep because when he does he dreams about his daughter. He tells the doctor his dreams have become very disturbing and surreal. She asked him if he had grief counseling after Delia died. Billy said he dealt with his rage all kinds of ways, none of it helped, but he thought he had it under control . The therapist asked what changed, he said he never expected the man who did it to come back. Billy said, “waves of grief wash over me and I’m flooded with rage, blinding all consuming rage.” The therapist assigns Billy homework to look into himself and determine if he likes himself.

Adam bumps into Victor when he went to Newman Enterprises to talk to Victoria about his visitations with Christian. Victor asked Adam if he’s incapable of accepting simple kindness. Victor offers Adam some advice and tells him if he were him, he would use the judges ruling against him to build a bridge with Nick and take things nice and easy to earn his way back into Christians life. Adam says his blood runs through Christians veins so he will not jump through Nicks hoops to win time with his own kid. Victor tells him he’s wasting his time going down this road. Adam tells Victor he doesn’t know how sick he is, but he hopes he hangs on long enough to see him win this custody battle because that’s what he intends to do. Victor says, “good Luck”, Adam says, “enjoy the show pops!”

Summer asked Nick if the smile on his face has anything to do with Chelsea. She tells him that her main concern is that Chelsea won’t hurt him again, she let’s him know she made that clear to Chelsea as well, but at the end of it all she’s just happy to see a smile on his face again. Nick tells Summer that Chelsea isn’t the only thing that has a smile on his face, he fills her in on his New Hope project, and tells her that her mom and Victoria worked together to give him back some of the property from Dark Horse .

Phyllis is pleasantly surprised when Jack tells her it’s nice to see her again. He thanks her for selling the Jaboutiques back and asked if Adam was upset, Phyllis says she can handle Adam. Jack seems thrown off when she says Billy saw the potential in the deal she offered him first, then asked about Billy’s whereabouts.

Victoria tells Sharon that she saw her talking with Billy the other day. She let Sharon know that it’s very important for Billy to have someone to talk to and he’s getting help now, she thanked Sharon. Sharon thanked her for telling her about. Victoria bumped into Adam as she was leaving the Coffee House. Adam told Victoria she has to stop deliberately trying to prevent him from visiting his son, Victoria claims she needs time to work out the logistics, because Christians sense of security is most important. Adam warned Victoria that he would not allow her to disregard the visitation order, and told her that he wasn’t going to give up fighting for his son.

Victor shows up to tell Summer that he is ill, but promises he will fight and beat the illness. He gets sick as he walks to his car. He tries to call Nate but his phone goes to voicemail, so he calls Jack, who goes to the garage and escorts him safely to his office. When Nate shows up, Jack tells him that Victor had fell ill, and he left them to privacy, Victor thanked Jack. Nate told Victor he has to make some life changes, starting with getting a driver, Victor told Nate he’s been fighting all his life, and he will fight and beat this as well.

Summer goes to see Phyllis and asks her why didn’t she tell her that she was only working with Adam to right her wrongs, she asked Phyllis if she thought she would come fall at her feet and worship her if she heard it from her dad. Frustrated and getting up to end the conversation, Phyllis said she understood that she would get no thanks from her, Summer hugged her and thanked her for helping her dad, and told her she was glad to know her mom wasn’t just being Adams flunky.

Adam bumped into Victoria, Nick and Christian at Chancellor Park. Adam confronts Victoria about lying saying her schedule was to busy to make time for him to see Christian. Nick intervenes and tells Adam to back off, Victoria tells them now is not the time and she whisks Christian away. Adam turns to leave behind Victoria, but Nick grabs him and tells him they’re not finished yet. He warns Adam that he will destroy his life and bring him down, Adam snapped back reminding him of how he tried to take Victor down, he tells Nick that he is younger, smarter, and stronger than Victor, he tells him he welcomes the fight, he said at least this will be a fair fight.

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