Flo is Guilty: Article 1

Liam confronted Flo about the theft of his daughter Beth before she could confess to Wyatt, and persuade him to think she was a victim. Even as Flo was supposed to be coming cleaning and being completely honest she lied, all she really did was try to blame her actions on Thomas and Reese. Flo claims she’s sorry for the lies, deceit and pain she caused, but let’s be honest; a person is not truly remorseful or apologetic if all they do is make excuses for their inexcusable crimes! Understandably Liam wanted to know how the baby swap happened, and Flo with all her crocodile tears pretended to tell him “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”, only problem is she lied! We will post a series of dialogue that occurred between Flo, Liam and Wyatt as well as dialogue between Flo, Reese and Taylor. Once you’ve examined all the evidence, then you be the judge and decide if Flo is guilty as charged! This first article in the series will address Flo’s version of the story she gave to Liam and Wyatt.

What Flo Told Liam

Liam told Flo he held his dead baby in his arms. Flo told him it wasn’t Beth, which led Liam to ask her how the whole baby swap came about. Let’s closely examine what Flo told Liam on August 1, 2019: Flo: I had a friend, well, I thought he was a friend, and he’d been good to me………………. He needed me to do him a favor. He wanted me to pose as the birth mother of a baby……. It was all so hush-hush. I wasn’t given the whole story, just little pieces. I assumed that it was some celebrity or public figure who had a baby that they couldn’t acknowledge and that we were bending the rules a little it to give this child a good life. Now let’s take a pause for a second. Flo immediately lied, because we all know that Reese was more than just a “friend”; they had been involved and Flo still loved him, she wanted to be with him, and was jealous of Taylor because she thought he was more interested in Taylor. The second problem with Flo’s story is her saying he wanted her to pose as the birth mother of a baby. Now, notice she never said he manipulated her into pretending to be the baby’s birth mother, in fact, anyone with common sense knows that doing something like that is wrong, regardless of who the real mother is! This mean she willing lied and committed fraud when she presented Phoebe as her own child there was no manipulation. In fact, her saying she thought it was a celebrity or public figure’s child is just laughable, because she never once indicated that she thought that was the case before!

The next article in this “Flo is Guilty” series will reveal her relationship to Reese and how she felt about him. You will also get to review the very first time she lied to and deceived Taylor, which makes Taylor one of Flo’s victims. Please be sure to read all the articles in the series to review all the evidence, we’re using to condemn Flo of her criminal activity! Be sure to tune in to The Bold and the Beautiful weekdays on CBS to what twist lies at the end of the Phoebe/Beth story-line.

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