Flo Is Guilty: Article 2

Flo first appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful on January 14, 2019. From her very first appearance she is seen lying to Taylor and manipulating her into thinking Beth was her baby, and she desperately needed to give up for adoption, all in an effort to lure Taylor into adopting the baby for cash. Below we have included the dialogue that occurred between Flo, Taylor and Reese on that faithful day, when Taylor first became Flo and Reese’s victim.

Taylor: Reese, if this isn’t your baby, then where did it come from?
Reese: I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to surprise you like this. But, uh, I couldn’t explain it to you on the phone.
Taylor: Oh, well, now I think you should, because I-I don’t know what this is.
Reese: Nothing to be alarmed about.
Taylor: Reese, I want to know why you have a baby in your apartment. A baby you never mentioned to me before. Just tell me, where did this child come from?
Taylor: Answer me, Reese. Wha… What are you doing with a baby? Who are you? What’s going on?
Florence: I — I didn’t want to interrupt, but… hi. I’m Florence.
Taylor: Fl-Florence.
Florence: Dr. Buckingham is holding my baby.
Florence: So, Dr. Buckingham didn’t tell you about me?
Reese: I was just about to.
Florence: Well, I’m not from Los Angeles. I live in Vegas, where I’m a dealer at a big casino. Dr. Buckingham is just helping me with the baby.
Taylor: He’s your doctor?
Florence: Not exactly. He’s, um… I contacted him through an agency. There are a lot of really great people out there who want to help women like me find homes for their babies. And Dr. Buckingham is one of them.
Taylor: Y-you’re putting your baby up for adoption?
Florence: If he can help me find the right home for her, then…
Florence: I don’t know what I would have done without Dr. Buckingham.
Taylor: He took care of you?
Florence: He took care of everything. I was a wreck. I can’t believe I actually thought my rotten boyfriend would actually stick around.
Taylor: So the father knows?
Florence: Yeah. He doesn’t want anything to do with her or me.
Reese: [ Sighs ] Sadly, not an unusual story.
Florence: I just knew I couldn’t be a single mother. My life has been pretty messed up recently, and I don’t have any family here, anyone who can help. I was — I was getting pretty desperate. So, I thought that adoption really just made the most sense, for me and for the baby. I hate to admit it, but, um, I just really need the money.
Taylor: No, oh, it sounds like a very stressful situation.
Florence: It really was. But then I met up with the doc, and everything has really been falling into place finally, you know? I — I have this little bit of hope.
Taylor: So that’s why you’re here with Dr. Buckingham?
Florence: Yes.

Reese: This all happened very quickly, and with everything going on, I-I just didn’t have the time to bring it up.
Taylor: Bring it up?
Reese: After our conversation about your daughter’s situation.
Taylor: Wait a minute. Are you — are you saying that Steffy could adopt this baby?
Reese: You asked if there was anything that I could do to help.
Taylor: Yeah, I-I thought maybe you would recommend an agency or give me some advice.
Reese: I’ve contacts in that area. I’ve facilitated a few adoptions. And so, when Florence reached out to me on one of those networks, I thought I could help her and Steffy.
Taylor: So… [ Sighs ] This beautiful little baby… Steffy could adopt her?
Reese: If all parties agree.
Taylor: [ Scoffs ]
Florence: She deserves a better life than I could ever give her.
Reese: Look, I know this timing is less than ideal, and your family is going through so much, and steffy may not be ready. But… when’s the next time that — that a miraculous opportunity like this may come along, hm? Hey.
Taylor: I mean, Steffy has met with some agencies just to get some information, but this is really the last thing I expected when you asked me to come over here.
Reese: I know. This whole thing has been mind-boggling to me, too.
Taylor: I mean, I-I’ll talk to her. I-I don’t know what my daughter will say, but, um, I-I will talk to her. This whole thing has just come out of the blue.
Reese: Well, considering what happened to Hope on Catalina, not to mention Zoe working for Forrester, I think it’s best to leave my name out of it when talking to Steffy or anybody about the potential adoption.
Taylor: Oh, yeah. Understood!
Reese: Thank you.
Taylor: Florence, I — I don’t know you, but I think it’s such a brave decision you’ve made, giving up your little girl so she can have the best possible chance at a good life. It takes a lot of strength to do that. I mean, I-I — for me, as a mother, I don’t know how you found the courage. I admire it, and your unselfish love you have for this child. She’s so little! [ Chuckles ]
Reese: And healthy. Completely healthy. In the right environment, she’ll thrive. I know it. Talk to your daughter. Please.
Taylor: I will. I will. I’ll talk to her as soon as I can. . . .

Flo has maintained that Reese manipulated her into helping him steal Beth from Hope and Liam, but as you can see from the above transcript, Reese never once, manipulated nor threatened Flo. Flo was a pro, lying effortlessly to Taylor with no conscience at all. Flo seems to be the little girl crying wolf, she refuses to own up to the fact that she willing helped her lover steal a baby. She has blamed everyone from Reese to her own mama. Stay tuned for article 3 of the “Flo is Guilty” series, to see further evidence of how Flo willing helped steal a child without being manipulated or threatened. Don’t forget to watched The Bold and the Beautiful weekdays on CBS!

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