Bold and Beautiful Recap 8/7/2019

Shauna tries to defend Flo, but Brooke tells her, “be quiet, you can’t protect her anymore!”. Brooke demands answers. When Flo begins to tell Brooke it was Dr. Buckingham who switched the babies, Zoe opened the door to the office. Zoe tries to excuse herself, but Ridge and Brooke call her in and demand to know what her father did. Zoe tells them her dad had gambling debts and he was only trying to save her life. Brooke tells Zoe there is no excuse. Brooke chastised both Flo and Zoe telling them they should be disgusted with themselves. Both Brooke and Ridge vowed to make them pay for the pain their lies and deceit caused their family. Ridge phones the police and tells them to arrest Dr. Buckingham, Zoe begs Ridge to take it easy on her dad, while Shauna begs Brooke to punish her instead of Flo, Brooke tells her don’t worry, everyone will pay for this. Brooke is angry, hurt and confused at how they could all keep this secret from Hope when they all saw how torn up Hope was over losing Beth. Ridge is just as furious that they allowed Steffy to adopt Hope and Liam’s baby and become attached to her.

Hope and Liam spent the day bonding with Beth. Hope was overjoyed to learn her sweet and beautiful Beth was alive. Hope asked Liam how did this happen, Liam explained everything starting with hearing Thomas and Flo discussing a secret. Hope wanted to know who all knew the secret besides Reese and Flo, Liam told her Zoe, Xander and Emma. Sadly, Liam told Hope that Emma was on her way to tell her the truth when she died, and Thomas was there. Hope was angry to learn that Thomas took vows, promising to protect and honor her all the while keeping this secret from her. She thanked Liam for telling her the truth, she tells him that he saved her life, and their life. Hope told Liam she only ended their marriage because Beth was dead, but now all their dreams were alive, they kissed and continued to bond with Beth, Hope vowed to Beth that she will make everyone pay, but later, for now she just want to focus on Beth.

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