Y&R Recap Wednesday 8/7/2019

Adam calls the police to report an assault.

At Crimson Light Phyllis makes a business proposal to Devon, but he declines saying he has already taken on a new project. Phyllis has Nick listed last on her list of potential investors.

Billy bumps into Rey at Crimson Lights and tells him that he’s sorry about him and Sharon. He tells Rey that Adam is a one-man wrecking crew and that maybe he gave up on Sharon too soon. After talking to Billy, Rey gets a call to investigate an assault on Adam. He say to himself that he would like to shake the assailant’s hand.

Chelsea tells Nick that Anita and Connor will be there tomorrow. She worries about telling Connor that his father is alive. When Nick questions whether it will be good news for Connor to learn Adam is alive, Chelsea warns him not to joke like that in front of Connor and asks him to take the high road. Chelsea declines Nicks invitation to have dinner with him and Nikki; she tells him, “have fun!” Later, Phyllis arrives at Nick’s home and Chelsea assumes Phyllis must have come become she wants something from Nick. They get into a verbal spat with Phyllis calling Chelsea a gold-digger who considered Calvin an easy mark. Chelsea argued that Calvin loved her, scars and all and asked if Phyllis can say that about anyone? Defeated, Phyllis says, “Tell Nick I stopped by.”

When Billy enters the Chancellor mansion to try and figure out whose been trying to contact him from the other side, he calls out, “Delia?” Billy gets a text from Victoria asking him to join her and the kids to watch Spider Man, and texts back that he’s swamped at work. He looks at the child-like writing on the wall and asks Delia or whoever is trying to contact him to start talking. Billy tells Delia there’s nothing she can’t tell him and remembers her playing and laughing there. After pacing for a while Billy yells, “Delia it’s Daddy, just tell me what you need me to do.” Billy dozes off and has a nightmare of him frantically searching for Delia, who cries, “Daddy, I’m so cold!” When Billy awakens from the nightmare he goes to the wall which now says, “Stop Adam Now.” Victoria texts Bill again; he replies he’s finally making progress, then says, “Message received, Delia, loud and clear.”

At Society, Nikki is upset that Adam provoked Nick into hitting him to use it against him as leverage in the child custody battle. Nick tells Nikki that Sharon showed up just as he hit him. Nikki angrily asked, “what is wrong with that woman?” Nick worries that Sharon can’t handle dealing with someone that’s as manipulative as Adam. Nikki wonders what’s in it for Phyllis when Nick filled her in on how Phyllis made amends for betraying him. Nick says she seemed satisfied with the clean slate he offered her in return. Nick tells his mom he plans to keep Chelsea and Connor safe. Nikki tells Nick that Victor is upset about the custody case. Nick said he’ll invite his dad to the boys soccer game. When Nikki is talking to Victor on the phone, Phyllis stops and pulls Nick to the side and proposes he invest in a business opportunity with her as partners. Nick declines Phyllis offer telling her he didn’t keep the portfolio. Nick tells Phyllis he’s sure she’ll find a backer. When Nikki thanks Phyllis for what she did for Nick, Phyllis asks her if she would be interested in investing the capital she needs for the Grand Phoenix, amused at the audacity of Phyllis, Nikki declines and tells her, she’ll think of something.

Rey is impressed with the cut on Adam’s face when he a arrives at the Penthouse to take the assault report. Adam tells Rey he wants Nick arrested! Rey tells Adam that he will get Nick’s side of the story since Adam doesn’t have a witness, Adam tells him he does. Rey is stunned when he see’s Sharon in Adam’s home. Sharon feeling nervous and ashamed tries to find words but Rey only asked her is she witnessed Nick assaulting Adam. When Rey lives Adam tries to convince Sharon that he didn’t set her up, but Sharon is upset and tells him that he has set her whole world on fire. She tells Adam it has to end! Adam tells Sharon that Rey will get over it, and that she need to face the truth. He stares in her eyes and tells her all he wants to do is make her happy. When Sharon reminded him that he tried to win Chelsea back, Adam claims he only did it to get Connor back. Sharon tells Adam she is a different person now, but Adam tries to convince her that she’s wanted him all along, Sharon leaves.

After his dinner with Nikki, Nick goes home an tells Chelsea that he declined a business proposal from Phyllis, and that he just wants to focus on her and the boys. Chelsea is happy to hear those words from Nick.

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