Has Thomas Hurt FC by Marrying Hope?

Revealing Beth was alive in hearing distance of Douglas, may not be the only mistake Thomas made. Thomas was so desperate to marry Hope that he forgot to have her sign a prenuptial agreement. He was so sure he could convince her to fall in love with him and he even fantasized that they would one day run Forrester Creations together. This mistake may cost him big time! He may have forfeited Douglas inheritance and put Forrester Creation shares back into the hands of the Logans, after Steffy ensured the Forresters owned the company 100%. Could Thomas games of deception bring out the bitch in Hope, and cause her to demand his 5% shares in Forrester Creations in exchange for his freedom? If Hope gets his shares, will Steffy turn rogue to get the shares back?

Hope is rightfully enraged that the people she trusted and thought she knew, betrayed her. Above all, she was incensed that the man she married took vows, promising to love and protect her and was hiding this secret knowing how much pain it caused her, thinking her child was dead. Although Thomas was nowhere to be seen when Reese and Flo went through with their diabolical plan, when he found out he threatened everyone who knew to keep their mouths shut! He may he thought he was doing what was best for Douglas and Steffy initially, but somewhere it became all about his sick obsession for Hope. Sadly, his family business my suffer because of his obsession. Thanks to Steffy, Forrester Creations was finally owned 100% by the Forresters again, after years of sharing ownership with Bill Spencer and the Logans. Before Steffy got the shares from Bill, he had finally backed off and allowed the Forresters to run their company without his interference, but when the Logans ran the company they taunted Steffy and her family, and ran down the company’s classy reputation. Has Thomas jeopardized the company’s reputation once again? Tune in to The Bold and the Beautiful weekdays on CBS, to see if Hope will go after Thomas’s shares for revenge!

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