Bold and Beautiful Recap

Liam tells Hope that this is a lot to process for both her and Steffy. Steffy cries, “you can’t just apologize and take her away!” Steffy says this is happening to fast. Hope tells Steffy that she’s been a wonderful mother to her daughter, but now its time for her daughter to get to know her. Steffy cries, “this is Phoebe’s home, the only home she’s known all her things are here and her sister is here. Hope tells Steffy that her baby is going home with her tonight. Ridge suggests they take things slow and do whats in the best interest for the child. Brooke argues that Hope has already lost so much time witb her daughter, that was stolen from her. Ridge say, “Steffy didn’t know anything about that!” Brooke agrees that Steffy didn’t know, and said Steffy was a victim too

Hope told Steffy, “I’m her mother and the mother in you probably understand that she need to be with me. “She tells Steffy she’s going home with them tonight so that they can be the family they were meant to be.

Wyatt tells Sally everything that happened with the baby swap and Flo’s role in it. He said he can’t imagine how Steffy must feel, she’s been raising the baby as her own. Sally times Wyatt everyone makes mistake. Wyatt tells Sally that her lie doesn’t even measure on the betrayal scale, unlike Flo’s. He tells Sally he didn’t think Flo was capable of something like that, and although Flo claimed she didn’t know what Reese was planning, she still participated. At the end of it all he just want to apologize to Sally.

Steffy maintains she’s taken care of and loved Phoebe as her own. Hope tells Steffy they would be willing to take a dna test, Brooke says we all know that isn’t necessary. Hope tells Steffy that she and Kelly can be a part of Beths life

Wyatt tells Sally that he’s sorry about the way he ended things between them and how fast he moved on to Flo. Sally says so blonde disappointed you and you just run back to go old oh Sal, is this the way its supposed to go. Wyatt tells Sally he just wanted to apologize and he didn’t really have any expectations that she would take him back. Not believing Wyatt, Sally asks “oh really?” She tells Wyatt is she were to take him back he would have to work really hard and pamper her, she tells him she would make him work really hard and enjoy every minute of it. He tells her if it keeps a smile on her face, its worth it. They hug.

Steffy says Phoebe has been her daughter from the beginning. She cries saying she spent sleepless nights with her worrying about their future, but she wasn’t ready for this. She says thats Beth & she needs to be with her mommy and thats you. Steffy gets some of Beth’s things. Hope thanks Steffy for being there for Beth when she couldn’t. Brooke, Hope and Liam left with the baby. Steffy cries and falls to the ground, Ridge holds her.

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