Y&R Recap Monday 8/12/2019

While at Society, Theo mentions Abby and Summers incident at the Lola and Kyles party to Phyllis; Abby accuses him of trying to start drama. Abby begins to explain that she was minding her own business when Summer dumped a bucket of ice over her head. Phyllis chastises Abby about “adulting”, she tells Abby that she doesn’t want a cat fight at the opening. Theo disagrees he thinks scandals can make for the best openings. After Phyllis sends Theo to Dark Horse, Abby tells Phyllis she won’t apologize for the incident. Phyllis seems to think Abby is jealous of Summer. Abby feels insulted and reminds Phyllis that she’s building an empire not posting vapid selfies. Phyllis is upset that Abby isn’t showing her respect. Abby tells her thay 90% of the town doesn’t respect her. Upset, Phyllis storms off.

Nick and Chelsea have a phone conversation, in which he tells her that he was up all night worrying about her. He asks her how she’s doing. Chelsea says she fine and disconnects from the call.

Chelsea smiles as she watches Adam and Connor reconnecting. After Chelsea sends Connor out of the room, Adam thanks her for bringing Connor over and for raising an amazing kid. Chelsea expresses that she hasn’t seen Connor happy like this in a long time. Adam thinks he’s happy because he needs him and he tells Chelsea that he thinks Connor should live with him. Chelsea, tells him that he’s practically a stranger to Connor. Adam tells Chelsea that it’s his time to be a full-time father. Chelsea argues that he could blow up Connor’s life and points out that he used Christian to hurt Nick, but she won’t allow him to turn her son into a weapon like that. Adam threatens that he doesn’t want to have to go to court. Chelsea takes him to task and tells him that she’ll fight him and win. When Connor comes into the room he can feel the tension between his parents; Adam tries to change the energy in the room by telling his son that he’ll see him really soon.

Adam makes a business proposition to Devon when offers to sell him the Grand Phoenix. Devon asks him why he isn’t selling to Phyllis. Adam says it’s too risky and tells Devon it’s his if he wants it.

Victor suffers a side effect of his new medication while in his office. When Nick arrives they brag on Victoria’s coup. Nick gives Phyllis credit for helping Vikki get the real estate back. Nick tells his dad that he wasn’t happy with the way he acquired the properties, and wanted to wipe the slate clean, when Victor asked him why he wasn’t keeping the properties. Victor gave a sincere laugh and told Nick, “consider it wiped.” They went on to discuss Victor’s treatment and then Nick revealed to Victor that he hit Adam because he blindsided Christian by announcing he’s his father. Victor expresses his regrets for bringing him back from Vegas and tells Nick he’ll handle it. After Nick leaves, Victor tells someone over the phone that his grandson’s future depends on it!

Abby stops by to see Victor who informs her that his condition is improving. When Victor sings praises of Nate, Abby tells him that she isn’t sure where she and Nate stand. Abby tells her dad about her fight with Summer, before dropping the bomb that she’s working with Phyllis. Victor warns Abby not to turn her back on Phyllis. When Abby asks about working with Adam, Victor shares his regrets over bringing him back to Genoa City.

Connor throws a tantrum at Nick’s house, and accuses Chelsea of trying to keep him and his dad apart. He tells his mom that he would like to live with his dad, and he doesn’t understand why she doesn’t want to be with his dad. Nick comes home as Connor storms out and Chelsea fills him in on what happened at Adams. Chelsea confesses that she saw a glimpse of the old Adam. Chelsea is worried about the situation with Adam and Connor wanting to be together, she isn’t sure how she should handle it and feels she’s running out of options. Nick asks her if she has plans to take Connor and disappear. Chelsea said she won’t run because Connor would never forgive her, and Adam would track them down. She says she hopes Adam’s love for Connor is stronger than his anger toward the world.

Phyllis meets Theo at Dark Horse and compliments his great business ideas but then criticizes his people skills. When Adam appears, Theo leaves; Adam asks Phyllis who’s her boy toy. Adam gloats that he reunited with Connor. Phyllis asks for more time to raise money to buy The Grand Phoenix hotel. Adam informs Phyllis that offered the hotel to Devon, but he hasn’t agreed to buy it. He suggests Phyllis pack up because Dark Horse is dead. Phyllis taunts Adam, telling him that he has nothing, Adam tells her he will be on top of the world with his sons.

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