Bold and Beautiful Recap Tuesday 8/13/2019

Brooke tells Ridge that she pulled all Beth’s things from storage and set them up for Hope. Ridge tells Brooke that he should have stayed with Steffy, Brooke tells him that Steffy didn’t want him to stay. Brooke tells Ridge that she’s thankful for what Steffy did for Beth and that she let Liam and Hope leave with her, but that she looks forward to being Beth’s grandma and she’s happy that Liam and Hope have their daughter back.

Hope and Liam walk into the cabin with Beth. Liam is surprised to see that Brooke has everything all setup for her. Hope welcomes Beth to the home where she will grow up and be nourished by her parents. Hope shares with Beth the journey they experienced from the moment she told Liam she was pregnant; Liam said it was as if the whole world was celebrating. Hope shares with Beth how they thought they lost her but now all the pain is behind them, now that she is in her arms.

Brooke asks Ridge if he has heard anything from Thomas, Ridge said not yet as he calls Thomas again. Ridge leaves a message for Thomas letting him know that he would be willing to meet him anywhere he want, but he can’t keep running, he has to pay for what he did. Brooke asks what will happen with Douglas, and suggests that he lives with her and Ridge. Ridge said that Douglas needs stability, and he thought Hope could provide that for him, that’s why he encouraged the relationship between Thomas and Hope. Douglas comes home from his play date and asks where his dad is. He tells Brooke and Ridge that his dad is angry with him because he told his secret and that his dad was mean to him. He then tells Brooke that he tried to tell Hope that Beth was alive but she didn’t believe her. Brooke tells him that Hope believes him now.

At the cabin Hope and Liam discuss how happy everyone will be to learn Beth is alive, Liam tells her they have plenty of time for that, but they have something else to deal with first. Hope says,” you’re concerned about Steffy and Kelly.” Liam says yes, but he’s thinking about Thomas. Liam tells Hope that he wasn’t going to let Thomas kidnap her. Hope begin to tell Liam how Thomas became aggressive demanding she puts clothes on and pack. Liam looks sad and says, “yeah put clothes on”, disappointed, thinking they had sex, then says, “I understand, it was your honeymoon.” Liam is relieved when Hope tells him nothing happened, she tells Liam that even with Thomas ring on she still loved him. She took off Thomas’s ring and told Liam, “I only ended our marriage because I thought we lost Beth, but I never stopped loving you.”

Back at Brooke and Ridge’s home Douglas tells them that he had to tell Hope the truth because his mom taught him that lies hurt people. Ridge tells him that his mom was a remarkable woman. Brooke tells Douglas that Liam and Hope are home with Beth now, because of what he did and no one will ever forget that. Douglas was excited to hear that Beth was home.

As Liam and Hope were talking about what will become of Douglas now that is dad is gone and his mom is dead, they heard a knock at the door and got nervous because they assumed it was Thomas. Liam slowly walks to the door and opens it to find out Douglas on the other side of the door. Hope and Liam are happy to see Douglas, but Douglas thinks Hope is sad because he see’s her crying, she explains they are happy tears. Hope tells Douglas that their happiness is because of him being the only one to have the courage to tell her the truth. Hope thanked Douglas and told him that she and Liam will always take care of him, and she tearfully hugs him with a smile.

On the phone Ridge yells, “what do you mean you can’t find him, his name is Reese Buckingham, he’s a doctor, do something he stole the baby!” When Ridge hangs up he apologizes to Brooke for not believing her when she tried to warn him about Thomas manipulating Hope. Ridge tells Brooke that Thomas is still manipulative and uses people. Brooke said that Thomas and Reese’s plan failed, Hope has her baby and she think that’s a reason to celebrate. Ridge doesn’t agree but looks as if he’s more worried about Steffy.

Douglas tells Hope and Liam that it was important for hi, to tell them the truth even though his dad wanted him to lie. Liam says sometimes its hard to be a good person. Douglas says no it’s not, he says to be a good person all you need to do is tell the truth and be nice to people. Liam says that’s great advice. Brooke shows up to the cabin to tell Douglas it’s time for bed. She’s happy to see Beth with her parents. Douglas tells Beth goodnight before leaving, and tells her that he’s happy she’s home. When Brooke leaves with Douglas, Hope tells Liam that Thomas wanted Douglas to lie. Liam tells Hope that Thomas has no line he won’t cross. Hope tells Liam it’s hard when she thinks about all the time she missed with Beth, but she’s her mom and she knows there are so many more firsts to look forward to. Liam tells Hope that Beth has had a long day it’s time for bed. Hope sits in the rocking chair to rock Beth to sleep, she tells her how she carried the sonogram picture of her everyday, and how happy she is to have her home. Liam goes to the chair and put his arm around Hope as she rocks their daughter.

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