Y&R Recap Tuesday 8/13/2019

Rey shows up to Lola’s apartment per her request, he thinks she’s having cold feet but she tells him quite the contrary, she’s very excited. Rey tells Lola he’s surprised that she’s leaving the wedding planning up to Kyle especially considering what happened at the party, Lola tells him that wasn’t Kyle’s fault and that their wedding day is every bit as important to Kyle as it is to her and she knows he’ll plan something incredibly gorgeous and romantic.

Phyllis pays Devon a visit. She tells him that she heard he was in talks to purchase the Grand Phoenix and she doesn’t understand because when she asked him for a loan, he gave her all the reasons why it wouldn’t be feasible and asked him what changed. Phyllis asked him if he was making a deal with Adam and planning to cut her out of it. Devon tells her that she’s knows him better than that, he tells her she brought him a bad proposal, offering to pay over-inflated prices on a risky project ran by someone with no experience on running a hotel, and he decided it wouldn’t be worth the time he had to put into it. Phyllis asks him to buy it from Adam and sell it to her, Devon says he’s not interested. Phyllis tells him it’s not just a building to her, it’s a way of redeeming herself to everyone in the town, she tells him he knows about that because most of Neil’s life was about redemption; Devon stops her and tells her it sounds like she is about to exploit his late father to make a quick buck and that would be very disrespectful. Phyllis apologized for making it seem she was using Neil. Devon tells her he appreciates that but he doesn’t want to work with her because she is on bad terms with all her other previous employers.

Anita tells Chelsea she heard Connor stomp up to his room and she knows why. She said he’s heartbroken because his parents aren’t getting back together. Chelsea asks her was she eavesdropping again. Anita offers to talk to Connor, but Chelsea declines and tells her she want to finish up their conversation from earlier, she wants to know what she was about to confess.

At Chancellor Park, Adam gets a disappointing text from Victoria and storms off, meanwhile Billy asks Victoria did he respond yet and she tells him she think he will respond in person.

Lola tells Rey she’s been going on and on and on about her wedding, and he just ended things with Sharon, she apologizes for being insensitive. Rey tells her that he doesn’t want her worrying about that, and seeing her happy gives him relief. He tells Lola he will ask Kyle if there’s anything he can do to help. Lola tells him just so he doesn’t think she’s lazy she wants him to know that although Kyle is planning the wedding she’s planning the activities, then she excitedly goes on about her honeymoon. Rey loves seeing her happy.

Chelsea tells Anita it was unlike her to turn down the money she offered her and wants to know why. She tells Anita she was shocked that she didn’t even ask her how much Calvin left her. Anita said Daryl told her how much she inherited and she was relieved to know Calvin provided for her and Connor. Chelsea isn’t buying it and she says if she won’t spill the truth she’ll talk to Daryl or hire an attorney. Anita confesses that Calvin left her something as well. Chelsea said it doesn’t make sense that Calvin would leave her in his will, because he was always suspicious of her. Anita confessed that she had some of Calvin’s assets from some shady businesses she had helped him with. She tells Chelsea Calvin didn’t want her to know about his shady dealings because he wanted to keep her safe and Daryl didn’t think she should know about the shady business dealings while she was grieving. Chelsea called out Anita and Daryl for selling the assets and keeping the cash for themselves. Chelsea wanted to know how much they got, she said it must have been a lot since she turned down the million she offered her. Anita admitted it probably came up to 5 million. Chelsea was shocked. Anita explained she took the dirty half to protect her. Chelsea chastised Anita for taking half of her and Connors inheritance and told her she hopes she has fun with it, but she can’t do it there. Anita packed to leave for Baton Rouge, she asks if Chelsea will be able to forgive her. Chelsea says she can’t believe she and Daryl plotted behind her back and stole from her, she tells her mom they’re done.

Adam arrives at Victoria’s house to spend time with Christian but she tells him he’s in bed and not feeling well, Billy adds, Christian shouldn’t wake up and see his face busted up either. Adam tells Victoria he will call her later to schedule a better time to see Christian. When Adam leaves they are surprised he took no for an answer. Victoria tells Billy, that everyday she can keep Adam from confusing her nephew, feels like a victory. Later Billy, Victoria and all the kids are at Chancellor Park. Victoria tells Billy he can go to the office, Nick is on his way. Adam walks into the park and see’s Christian in the park with Victoria. When Victoria goes to her purse to find a napkin to wipe Kate’s hands, Christian runs off to throw the ball with Johnny, Adam walks up and asks him how he’s doing. Christian looks terrified of him and runs away when Adam asks him if he wants to go and have fun with him. Nick and Victoria see’s Adam talking to Christian from afar, Victoria tells Nick that Adam must have followed her there. Nick runs over when he see’s Christian run away from Adam and tells Adam to leave Christian alone. Adam tells Nick he had a scheduled visit with Victoria, and she cancelled because she’s a conniving witch who has no attention of obeying a court order. Nick argued a judge never would have given an order if he knew what he was planning to do. Adam tells Nick that Christian deserves to know who his father is; Nick asks Adam if he told Christian that again and threatens to break Adam in half. Adam tells him to try it and see what happens. Victoria yells, that she can’t find Christian, Adam and Nick run to help look for him. Elena comes along and offers to help look for Christian.

Phyllis shows up to Society and apologizes to Abby about chewing her out. Abby tells Phyllis she’s busy and after she chewed her out the other day, she’s starting to reconsider going into business with her. Phyllis tells Abby that’s exactly what she was afraid of. Abby tells Phyllis she thought she would be able to put her hostility for the Abbott’s aside but clearly she can’t, Phyllis says she can. She tells Abby she has so much respect for her and tells her she didn’t mean the things she said the other day, she claims she overreacted and began showering Abby with compliments.

Lola bakes up a dessert using one of Celeste’s secret ingredients (cinnamon), much to Rey’s delight. Rey asked her if their mom had called her. Lola tells him no and that she had to make peace with the fact that her mother may not come to her wedding. Rey tells her he knows that it hurts and he feels like he’s responsible because he insisted that they not tell their mom about her medical condition. Lola tells Rey not to blame himself, she said she and her mom had other issues and she pushed her away. Rey tells Lola she might change her mind. Lola tells Rey that she haven’t given up hope, she tells him that Jack went to Miami to get through to her. Rey asked if she wouldn’t listen to her own kids why would she listen to Jack. Lola responded by telling Rey their mom always had a soft spot for smooth talkers. Lola discovers a letter from her dad, Rey wonder why he wrote her after all this time. Lola tearfully reads her dad letter. In the letter her dad tells her he doesn’t share his moms feelings about Kyle, he feels her brothers are very protective of her and would not have approved of her marrying him unless he was a good guy. the letter goes on to say that he and Celeste agreed not to reconcile, and that she informed him that she doesn’t want him at her wedding but it would give him great joy to be at her wedding and to dance with her. Her dad said he would respect her wishes if she didn’t want her there. Rey asks her if she’s ok, she tells him she doesn’t know what to do about the letter. Lola asks Rey what he thinks, he says their dad has a lot of nerve and his estrangement from his children is his own choosing. Lola said she told her mom if her dad showed up she would call her wedding off and elope. Rey asked if that has changed, Lola said she learned how it feels to love someone and have them ignore you. She said she has been calling her mom and she won’t answer, she asked Rey if she didn’t respond to the letter would she be doing the same. Rey said there’s no comparison. Lola wonders if it would be a slap in their mom face if she invited her dad, but her mom wasn’t there. Rey tells her it’s her wedding it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, and asks her what does she want.

Adam finds Christian hiding in the bushes. Adam apologizes to Christian for scaring him, he pulls out the soccer ball and asks him if he wants to play with him, Christian comes out of the bushes, Adam asks him if he’s been practicing the moves he taught him, Christian says no and they began to play together.

Abby demands to know why Phyllis is being so freakishly nice to her. Phyllis tells her together they can accomplish really great things. Abby said she still thinks there is more to it. Phyllis says Adam is upset because she did something really nice for Nick. Abby said this makes sense now, Adam fired her and now she needs her to give her a job. Phyllis said she maneuvered herself out of a job and that’s a little bit different. Phyllis goes on to bait Abby, telling her that Adam offered to sell the Grand Phoenix to someone else, and she might lose her vision of opening her restaurant unless she buys it herself. Phyllis tells Abby if she owned the hotel she wouldn’t have to get anyone’s approval to incorporate her creative ideas, and offers to run the day to day functions so she can concentrate on what she does best, the creative vision. Abby says that sounds great but tells Phyllis that she doesn’t trust her. She tells her that she talks a good game but look what happened when she ran Jabot. Phyllis argued that great things happened when she ran Jabot like the launch of JaBoutiques and promised to put the same buzz and energy into the Grand Phoenix. Abby agreed to buy it and keep her on as the manager under one condition. Abby tells Phyllis if they’re going to work together she has to have some skin in the game, she says she can’t be the only one taking a risk. Abby goes on to tell Phyllis if she has some type of ownership stake like 20%, she’ll know their interest are aligned. Phyllis reaches out her hand to shake on it and says she’s all for it, and then tells her she’ll need some time to come up with the money. Abby gave her a week, and said if she doesn’t have it by then she’ll find someone else to manage the hotel, someone with experience, she said those are her terms. Phyllis said she’ll find the money.

Daryl popped up to bring Chelsea a boat load of cash from Anita as a peace offering. Daryl gives her a new contract including all of Calvin’s assets. She signs the contract without reading. She asks him about the cash he brought her, Daryl laughs and tells her she might need to wash it once or twice. Daryl is touched when Chelsea hands him a suitcase of money for him and Anita to share.

Nick calls Christian from afar asking him to come out so he can see him, Adam yells, we’re over here. When Christian see’s Nick, he runs to him, hugs Nick and excitedly says, “daddy!” Nick thanks Elena for helping him, but has no words to say to Adam who told Nick that Christian was just hiding. Nick walks off with Christian, leaving Adam feeling left out of his son’s life.

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