Bold and Beautiful Recap Thursday 8/15/2019

As Hope is asking Liam about Beth’s first milestones they hear an unexpected knock at the door. Hope joked saying, “well we know if they knocked it’s not mom.” Liam opens the door to find his baby brother Will at the door. Will jokes that he came because he’s the baby inspector and he heard they had a baby that hadn’t been inspected yet. Katie appears and tells them that Bill and Will wrapped up their guy trip and decided to come meet the newest member to the family. Bill appears with an over-sized pink teddy bear. Bill asks if they think it will give the baby nightmares, Liam jokes and says, “no, but what about me?” Bill said, “you two have already lived the nightmare but it’s nothing but sweet dreams from here on in.”

Brooke calls Wyatt to see if he knows where Shauna and Flo are. She gets off the phone and tells Ridge that Wyatt said he doesn’t know where they are, she asks Ridge if they should call the police. Ridge says “no, they aren’t going anywhere because I took their driver license, we’ll find them and they’ll pay for what they did.” Ridge looks at his watch and tells Brooke, “Zoe isn’t late, at least not yet.”

Zoe stands in Forrester Creations worrying about her meeting with Ridge and Brooke. When someone opens the door she turns around shocked to see Xander back. Xander says he got back last night. Zoe asked Xander if he knew what happened, he tells her Maya called and told him. Zoe tells him she’s never been so scared in her whole life and that Ridge is waiting for her. Xander tells her she’s not in prison, that’s something. She tells him she was lost when he was gone, and that she never needed him more. Xander tells her it’s funny she didn’t feel that way when he was trying to warn her about everything that’s happening to her now. Xander asks where Thomas is now, Zoe says she doesn’t know. Xander tells Zoe from what he heard Thomas son told Liam, Zoe shamefully said, “something like that.” Xander angrily says, “so you never came clean, do you ever ask yourself why you reserve your loyalty for your father, instead of people who’ve actually stood by you, Hope, the Forresters, me, I mean we’ve all…it doesn’t matter, I’ve actually thought of a lot of devastating things to say, but it doesn’t matter anymore so lets go.” Zoe looks confused as to where they’re going, Xander tells her that she said Ridge was waiting for her and they’ll face him together.

Brooke tells Ridge, “I think I know why you don’t want to call the police, Thomas. Because whatever Flo,Shauna, Zoe and Xander are guilty of, so is he. So have you been able to reach him yet?” Ridge says, “When my son is afraid or ashamed, the last person he wants to see is me.”

Liam tells Bill he doesn’t need to just stare, he’s seen Beth before. Bill says she was incognito, she had a different name. Will asked if she looked different. Bill said she looks like a Spencer now. Liam is trying to find a place to put the teddy bear, Bill tells him stop messing around with the thing and come sit down. Liam tells his dad that the teddy looks like it’s going to swallow them whole and asks him why does he always by gifts they have to put in a safe or storage facility. Will said it could indicate deep seeded feelings of inadequacy manifested by an obsession with size. Bill shocked, asked him what did he say. Katie swears Will didn’t hear that from her. Will said a guy in his comic book group posted it about Loki and Thor. Bill said, “well for one, I’d give both those clowns a beat down, number two I don’t have a size obsession!” Will asked him what about SKKY. Bill said, “What about SKKY, SKKY…,(turns to KAtie) would you monitor what this boy is reading, from now on please!?” Liam says he’s just grateful that he didn’t buy her a sword necklace. Bill said, “ahhh, well the truth is that I did consider it, only because I thought it would serve as a name tag, if lost return to the nearest Spencer.” Hope said, “Yeah well, Beth will never be lost again.” Liam said, “yeah, we’ve missed enough days with her.” Bill said, “you sure have, so any word on that scum sucking, low life Dr. Buckingham?” Liam tells him Ridge is coordinated with the authorities in London. Bill threatens that they better find him before his guys do.

Brooke and Ridge are shocked when Xander walk in the office with Zoe. Ridge tells him that he thought he was in London. Xander said he was and he swore he wasn’t hiding. Ridge asks him if he went to warn Buckingham. Xander tells him no and that he wants Reese behind bars just as much as he does. He goes on to say when Maya told him everyone knew Hope’s baby was alive, he knew he had to come to make sure the whole truth was told. Ridge asked him when did he first find out about Hope’s baby. Xander tells him the day they signed the annulment papers, he tells them Thomas stopped him and wouldn’t let him back in the house, he wanted that marriage to end. He said that was the day Thomas found out from Flo, but he threatened them and he thought it was just a lot of hot air until he drove Emma to her death on Mulholland Drive. Brooke and Ridge are shocked. Xander explains Emma overheard him and Zoe talking one day and there was nothing they could do to stop her from telling Hope the truth, but Thomas found a way. Ridge says, “thats a very serious accusation you’re making.” Xander said, “look I can show you proof, it’s not one hundred percent conclusive but it doesn’t leave many dots to connect. I know how this looks, but I’m glad the truth is coming out.” Ridge said, “because of a five year old boy, who wasn’t afraid to tell the truth.”

Will tells Beth that one day he will teach her about investing. Katie jokes saying, “says my son William Spencer.” Will said, “what are uncles for?” Touched and proud Bill said, “my pride and joy.” Liam asked, “what does that makes me?” Bill said that makes you my first born son, the man that walked into my life and changed everything. Liam said he’d take it then tells Will sometimes he wonders what its like to be him, raised by their dad. Bill said, “no, not back then Liam. I wasn’t ready, back then I didn’t know what would make me happy so I just acquired things, people, lived a no regrets life. I thought I had a clear conscience, but I didn’t. Anyways that was then, and this is now and all I want to do is spoil my granddaughters and if I spoil them rotten that’s on you and their mothers to fix it.” Liam asks, “how about we take it on a case by case basis?” Will said, “ground rules.” Liam said, “yes, ground rules exactly!Starting with no Ferraris.” Bill said of course not, not until they’re driving. Liam said no, not until they’re like 25. Bill jokes to Beth that he will work on her dad about the waiting until she’s 25.

Zoe explained to Ridge and Brooke that it all started when her dad left town and his job called and said he left a key behind, so she went and snooped around and found a birth certificate with Steffy and Phoebe’s name on it. She said Flo didn’t know anything about the birth mother other than her first name. Ridge and Brooke both want to know why Zoe didn’t tell. Zoe said because for once her dad finally did something to show he cared about her, she explained how he wasn’t there for her growing up and said she didn’t want her dad to go to jail. Ridge said he doesn’t care about any of the things Zoe was saying, he said he was only interested in finding out what to do with her and Xander. Ridge gets a phone call, Zoe turns to Xander and tells him that she’s going to jail. Zoe tells Ridge that Flo was taken in by her dad as well, and that she has always wanted to tell but she told her not to. Ridge is elated that the police in London has Reese in their custody. Ridge asked Zoe if she took any of the money, Zoe swears she didn’t. Ridge tells Zoe she can’t go to jail, that’s not a crime. He tells Zoe and Xander never to come back to his company they are fired. Both Zoe and Xander express that they are sorry and happy that the truth is finally out.

Bill shares with Liam that he took Beth’s death hard, but didn’t want to bother him with it because him and Hope were going through enough. He tells Liam that he has always had a complicated relationship with the man upstairs as to whether he was there or no. He tells Liam but he prayed, no requested him to watch over him, Hope and Beth. Liam told his dad that prayers are good, but so is having a grandfather. Bill tells Liam that she has him. Liam thanked his dad for having his back through it all and said it feels really great having his dad, Bill says, “you have me too.” Bill requests to hole Bet and tells her that her life is going to be good because her dad will make sure of it.

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